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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Report cards came out Tuesday. All were good.

As of Tuesday it had been a week since M's med dose increase. Right at that time her sleep pattern returned to normal. Her behavior has leveled out as well. All good news.

We had our big Family Team Meeting with the various agencies who are involved in helping us with Miss M's needs and therefore our needs as a family. The ones that have experienced her rage outburst in person brought that up with big wide open eyes. That was interesting. People who have been in this work for 15 years going woe about our kid isn't really a warm fuzzy feeling but ... it is what is and all parties are pleased and impressed with our abilities and determination in the situation. That was very encouraging.

The therapist would like for M to have psycho educational testing. Primarily she wants a psychological eval done on M. The Psychiatrist doesn't feel that is needed at this time. Although if M has to hospitalized they will do the eval at that time. She has had a Psychiatric eval done. Two of the professionals involved feel it would be beneficial the others which include M's speech language pathologist and teacher at school as well as the mental health case worker and the behavior analyst don't feel that it is needed at this time. Ultimately it is the parents decision at this point.

It will tell us her IQ and possibly reveal evidence of drug exposure and things like that. Dad and I are not feeling it at this moment. We are of the belief that the human spirit and faith can accomplish much more than any test can ever determine possible. I think the world is full of people accomplishing what they should not be capable to do and very capable people accomplishing nothing because they are not motivated to do so. So we are undecided at this time.

All else is as usual.

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