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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cycling and Flushed Away (PS)

Well ... let's hold on to our hats because this ride may be getting a bit bumpy. The delightful Miss M is starting to have some issues in the morning. This is usually a first sign of things going south and a negative cycle beginning, right on time too. Unlike before stabilization with the meds the cycling seems to be much shorter and less severe. She has not actually raged since the weekend of Jan. the 9th. In that time she has had at least one negative cycle but it was not major. Hopefully we will continue on that path.

Carter is doing much better. Earning the computer time has proved to be a good thing. He stays focused on his behavior. Last night he was really battling anxiety and nervous energy. He just could not go to sleep but he was trying. He was staying put in his room. He tried to stay in his bed but when he "needed" to lay on the train table I knew that sleep was just not coming at that moment. I got him up and gave him a snack, which included milk and let him watch one 30 min. show. At the end of the show he was ready and went right to sleep. This morning he got up nicely, got dressed and then asked if he had earned a few minutes on the computer. I said you bet!

Meanwhile Maylene was yelling and screaming and slamming and kicking her door with her morning issues. But she is taking herself to her room, which is really mature. No one instructed her in the moment to go, she just does. This is WAY better than the old let's trash the house when we are angry. I am still finding little tiny Lego pieces where she slung Lego's from one end of the house to the other in a manic rage. That was back in Oct. I think.

This morning she did not want to put her shoes on and she did not want to go to school because "it takes too long." Yesterday she did not want to leave aftercare because she was having fun playing with her friend. So we are all very interested to see how this afternoon plays out.

Evan is doing very well. Last night at the end of dinner he was being very disruptive wanting to play at the table. I told him, "you are done, go to your room to play." Just like a big kid he followed the instruction and went. I followed a moment later to check and he was playing so nicely. I praised him and told him what a good boy he was. He nodded yes. Precious!

PS~ I am adding this in after my original post because I forgot about it. As we all know Evan is doing wonderful on the potty training front and with that comes a new found interest in FLUSHING the toilet. I put a load of clothes in the wash because he was playing with Vivian yesterday afternoon, so I thought. Apparently he needed to go potty and like the big boy that he is took himself to the toilet. Great! Good job. And then he unwrapped and loaded the toilet with a whole roll of Northern toilet paper. Then he attempted to flush. As you may imagine that did not go so well. About this time I go looking for him and find him looking precious as ever with a toilet full of paper. To which I ask "what happened here?" To which he answered "I did it."

Viv is doing really well with homework and test scores. She is not so argumentative. Carter is still getting on her nerves and we are trying to encourage her to ignore him when he is being annoying because he is trying to get her attention. She said it is hard to ignore him because he is making her mad. I said very true but try because it will help him to stop. He wants her attention and is going about it in the wrong way.

Maylene's caseworker from Children's Home Society came for her monthly visit yesterday. That went well and we were able to report good things, which was nice. Currently they are providing the funding for the CBA. I spoke with the insurance case nurse yesterday and they are working on the referral to start providing the CBA services, that all seems to be falling into place. The pediatrician sent the referral in for both Maylene and Carter to work with Oscar. Now the insurance just has to set it up. I am supposed to hear back from them next week.
I guess that is about it for the time being here in loo-loo land.

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