The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Saturday, April 18, 2009

In a Nut Shell

Our Saturday:

Sweet Nan had to work all day today. She went in at 9 am and did not leave the nursing home until 8 pm. Even Chico the chihuahua (who sometimes goes to work with Nan) was exhausted after his day with her.

But our typical Saturday consists of 3 adults doing what needs to be done, monitoring and redirecting Miss M, redirecting Mr. Carter, have coffee, referee, more coffee, cook a meal, clean up a meal, repeat, wipe a hynie, wipe a nose, cut apples, bath the 15 year old dog, give him a hair cut, clean his gross eyes cause you made a commitment to him 14 years ago so even though he has one foot in the grave and the other is slipping you just can't go and get the sleepy shot yet, give breathing treatments times 2 cause Miss M and Mr. Evan have colds with reactive airway stuff going on, rally the troops to pick up the toys off the living room floor before a quick lunch at the Steak and Shake, take cute pics at lunch, be thankful that all is going well, hold that thought, load up the van with children, Mr. Evan has to poop so unbuckle him and run back into the steak and shake, pass the waitress who today was only her second day and she got stuck with us and then cleaning up our table, feel bad about that as we jog to the potty, whisk Evan up on the toilet, listen to odd toddler conversation about "it's too heavy Mommy, the poop is too heavy", what? okay just hurry buddy, wipe a hynie, wash the hands, jog back out to the van, open the restaurant door, oh yes I know that scream, Miss M is having a rage fit, think why me?, why poor Dad?, why poor Vivian who took the first blows from Miss M?, get it together and just deal, direct Miss M and Dad into the back seat "cause we are going!", put the van in reverse, Miss M yanks and screams about her seat belt, "put it on sweetie Mommy's going", 20 minute drive home with a screaming almost 6 year old who is trying to beat her father up, pull on to our road, Miss M "I want to play in the pool! I don't want to lose pool!", "Sorry, you know the expectation. Tantrums mean no pool.", go in the house, other kids strip and put on bathing suits, everyone heads outside, Miss M is pouting but holding it together, I count the hours to bedtime, too many, Mr. Carter last the usual 15 minutes in the pool before he is nearly blue, get him out of the pool, put on yet another set of clothes cause he changes only 25 times a day or so, clean out the sand box cause I saw the cat pee in it, go to Wal-Mart for new play sand, get the call while there that I need to come home cause the neighbor needs Dad to move his van and I have his keys cause I could not find mine, really? the neighbor needed to have that tree stump ground up today?, head home, move the van, drag the play sand into the back yard, put the green crayola play sand in Mr. Turtle sand box, realize that Mr. Turtles sand box eyes have totally bleached out in the FL sun and so he looks kind of evil, take cute pics of cute kids playing in green sand, Dad takes Miss M with him to go and get top soil for the raised bed garden he had to finish today, really? no Nan and we are going to do this today?, any who ..., take cute pics of Mr. Carter really enjoying a patch of fluffy green grass that was super soft, Dad and Miss M return, more cute pics, kids help Dad spread top soil around, more cute pics, Miss M gets attitude about wanting to help, reminded to ask nicely and she can help, reminded that pool is on the line for tomorrow, Miss M gets it together in a little while, all help with the garden, more pics, Miss M gets a bath, dinner, breathing treatment, cold med, Barney (the dino), boys come running in the house covered in green sand, why green? Wal-Mart did not have any plain, directed to the "SHOWER NOW!", scrub a head, scrub a head, "Is there any sand in Mr. Turtle at this point?", scrub a boy, scrub a boy, where's a towel?, here's a towel, PJ's, dinner, breathing treatment, Thomas the Tank, bah-bah, one sleeping boy, two sleeping boys, Vivian is running in cow manure in the garden, Mom is informed that "it's serialized", ? can you sterilize poo?, gross, do dishes, Dad and Viv head out to block buster, Nan is not home yet, little kids sleeping, could this be? yes 5 freaking minutes ALONE! :-), Nan is home, Dad and Viv return, watch Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler in it, Viv to bed, Nan to bed, Evan awake, Evan in Mom's bed, blog time, Evan coughing, gotta go.


jessica bear said...

Love it!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

I know, if we don't laugh we cry! :-)

Recovering Noah said...

Hey, have you been peeking through my windows? How did you know that same scene is being replayed every day in a tiny East Texas town? Even down to the old dog. ;-)

I agree. You just HAVE to laugh about it. lol

Mom 4 Kids said...

Like our CBA said last week, "It's never boring here!" :-)

TracyC said...

Oh my goodness! This is my life exactly again except it's too cold here to swim. Loved reading about your day.