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Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp Mom - Week 2

There has been backyard swimming.

Trips to the Library.

Rehab and doctor visits.

More rehab?

Lunch with Dad.

Me thinks the Nut did not fall far from the Tree!

Speaking of Tree, our favorite Toy Store.

Mission Exhaust Kids is Under Way.

Is this bad parenting? Going to sleep with a lolly pop? If you are wondering if I woke her up to brush her teeth, then you have not met her in person. ;-0

All is okay here in loo-loo land. Miss M is enjoying her day camp a lot. The other kids are doing okay here at Camp Mom. Some definite struggles adjusting to change in the routine. Mr. Carter has had to go to two pills a day of his med, one in the morning and one at bedtime. That is helping him. His aggression had returned and was getting worse. He has lots of anxiety from the unpredictability of life at home. Think of the movie Rain Man, judge Whapner at 4pm and K-Mart underwear. These kids on the autism spectrum need their routine and summer break just isn't very routine because we have doctor appointments and 3 year old little brothers to deal with and parents who get sick, etc. Life is just variable at home. What most of us find relaxing about time off is very unsettling to kids like Miss M and Mr. Carter.

Boy Wonder aka Revvin Evan has really been on one lately. He is pure mischief that kid. He is ALL boy and into everything boy like dirt and danger. He is having a few temper tantrums these days. In fact he had one while the CBA was here Tuesday evening. That was a hoot. (insert eye rolling here)

I had told Mr. CBA before that all though Evan is really happy and easy to get along with when he digs his heels in on a matter he is not going to give up quickly. I don't think he really believed me, but he does now. I love to watch these professionals use their masters degree knowledge on my kids and still not know what to do with them. I mean honestly it is a confidence booster. If they can't figure these kids out, what am I so worried about?

So what was it all about? Mr. Evan got into an upset over the trains. I'm not sure but I think throwing was involved. Dad said put the trains up. Dad and Mr. CBA helped pick up. Carter helped pick up. Evan ... not going to pick up train tracks with all the conviction of Scarlett in Gone With The Wind with God as his witness he was not going to pick up that stinkin train track. Not one! Mr. CBA used the hand over hand method to help Revvin Evan pick up the train tracks. Revvin Evan attempted to throw said train track while Mr. CBA was helping. Picture spit and snot flying, arms and legs kicking and swinging, etc. Tantrum.

Eventually Mom did hand over hand and Revvin Evan went with that. He did put the train track in the bin. Life did go on. Once the episode was over and he calmed down he went back to his usual self. Mr. CBA said that he was glad to see that Evan did that and that for his age this was not unusual. I reminded him that our oldest had actually given me a hee-ma-toe-ma on my shoulder when she bit me at this age. She did not want to leave the library. So we are familiar with the tantrum phase of life.

It's never boring here. Why don't we get more visitors?

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