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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Mom - Week 8

This week at Camp Mom we were with out Big Sis Viv who is having a stay at Grandma's house (1 and 1/2 hours away). Not too far but far enough to get some one on one time with no younger sibs. She is having a blast and has been enjoying movie marathons with Grandma. Apparently they have gone to every library in the area and cleaned them out of VHS tapes and DVD's.

We did some shopping,

had some library action,

we even took it easy, some.

Also ... Mr. Carter started a new med which is a NO GO I repeat WE ARE NO GO for launch! The med has a calming affect on his hyper activity and thoughts. He has a hard time turning his brain off and it affects his ability to sleep. However, it makes him mean and very aggressive. He will obsessively start harping on something that is not a certain little brown eyed princesses best skill (aka I choose not to wipe my rear thank you) and WILL NOT let it go. Said princess is at the tail end of her down cycle and so this would not be the best time for another child to be having issues with mean spirited behavior. We did avoid a knock out drag down fight between the two but Mr. Carter moved to demanding a banana. I made sure that everyone had plenty to eat at dinner and a really nice treat after bath time. We brushed teeth and used florid rinse and there will be NO eating after. Why?

Also ... in the weeks events Mr. Carter had a cavity filled! I am needless to say in a panick because my child has a cavity. I do not have a cavity to date. Big Sis has no cavities and Dad and Nan are doing well in that area too. So ...

I decided that there would be no more "one more apple" please at bedtime. Sippy cups of water all around but no mas food.

And so ... Mr. Carter and his EXTREME aggression while taking new med flipped out. When persistent machine gun style verbal demands did not bring said banana forth he lost it and went postal on his Dad and myself. I must state that he was not truly hungry. No one goes to bed hungry at our house. This is a long standing habit that I have not been as firm on as I needed to because frankly we had bigger fish to fry in the issue department. But since we have a cavity in a baby tooth and permanent teeth coming in all the time ... Mom had to get tough.

Speaking of teeth and them falling out. Dad bought the kids a skate board from the new Target that opened up. All the kids had great fun taking a turn. Lil Bro was most skilled at it. Mr. Carter? Not so much. He managed to bust his chin on something which knocked his two bottom teeth into his two top teeth. One top tooth just recently came out and the new tooth is just starting to show. The gum over that tooth was mangled and bruised. The other tooth, the baby tooth on top was still there. Not any more. That tooth got knocked almost all the way out. Blood everywhere! The tooth was hanging but still attached. I had him (screaming, freaking out 6 year old) swish ice water to stop the bleeding. That helped. Sunday morning, the following day, he pulled the tooth out himself. The blood was everywhere again. Yuck!

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