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Sunday, July 5, 2009

My G I weekend

Well Thursday I went in for an upper GI Endoscope procedure. I have had dsyphasia or swallowing difficulty for a while and it was time to get it checked out. Other test had not revealed the problem. My doctor dilated or stretched my esophagus as well as busted a ring of tissue that was present call a esophageal ring. Doesn't that sound like fun? It wasn't.

I had an abnormal bout of pain following the procedure and so they sent me to the hospital for test to see if they had punctured my esophagus. They had not. So they sent me home with Tylenol. Does that work for anyone? Not me.

I called saying the pain was not better. Then I called to say the pain was getting worse. The doctor sent me to the hospital ER at that point. They gave me morphine via an I V (no swallowing). Thank you much. The doctor decided to admit me to observe me and manage my pain with the I V meds. I was all for that! I was able to go home Friday at dinner time.

I also developed a migraine type head ache from my fibro myalgia because of the bed I was in. That was lovely.

So as you can imagine my absence did not go over well here with the children. Lots of acting out. By Saturday Miss M decided to mega rage. 2 back to back in fact. My 10 year old looked at me and said, "well welcome home Mom." Out of the mouth of babes.

Little Bro was non to happy with Mom's unexpected disappearance. He pretty much gave Dad and Nan a fit. When Mom came home he had lots of hugs and kisses and announced "happy"! Now that was priceless.

Mr. Carter has been more articulate with his disapproval, "I have not seen you in 2 days."

Big Sis hit her head at the park Friday and had a tearful meltdown and needed to see Mom just for a minute at the hospital. That recharged her and she did okay.

All and all it was an eventful weekend and not one I care to repeat.


jessica bear said...

Whoa! What a weekend! I'm so sorry...I wish I could be closer to are you feeling now??

truevyne said...

Man! I followed a link from Leslie's blog and couldn't believe this post. How hard.
Are things any better yet? I have a crazy something with my esophagus too, and it ain't fun.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Things are looking up physically a bit, not so much pain. I'll be a lot better off when I can get my mental status up to par. Just really feeling down about things at the moment and having a hard time looking at the future positively, which does not help anything. Thanks so much for checking in on me and for stopping by the blog!