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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Storms Comin'

Friday night sleep over night in Miss M's room. Big Sis and some real dogs were invited. This was a big step forward to feel that Miss M could handle this treat. The girls had worked toward it and planned it for most of the week.

Miss M had a hard time going to sleep. She was so excited at the whole arrangement. It was 10 pm before she finally went to sleep. Her normal bedtime is 7:30 and sleep by 8 pm. Regulated sleep is a BIG deal for kids with her issues.

The next morning.

Ain't this a pretty picture? Don't you think, "All's well there." THINK AGAIN BUDDY!

Moments pre-RAGE.

In looking at our calendar we realized it had been exactly 3 weeks since the previous rage so things were right on time, I guess. It was a pretty yucky one. Dad was able to help her stay safe. She pretty much struggled emotionally the remainder of the day and in fact had been struggling emotionally prior to the rage. She was "off" from the get go.

These pics were from the afternoon.

We kept her close with adults and we all stayed busy.

The sky can look so blue and beautiful.

And then dark clouds are rolling in just on the other side of the fence.
That's kind of what life is like for someone and their family dealing with mental illness.
Miss M's attachment to Big Sis continues to deepen and grow stronger, which is so wonderful to see. Not only because of that wonderful sister bond that we wanted for them but because Miss M can truly love someone and value them.

Cause the love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love until you give it away.


jessica bear said...

Aww...I love this post! Especially that Miss M is bonding with Viv...makes my heart happy!

Chanan and Rachael said...

Thanks for commenting on my's nice to have some company!

What a blessed and beautiful family you have. God bless y'all.