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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Review with the Loo-Loos

I just love that sweet face! Big Sis is feeling better, happy to report that news!

The weekend overall went okay. Mr. C is doing better. Taking this new med 3 times a day seems to be the key. His impulsivity is way down, much improved. He is very affectionate and making a good choice more often than not. As the school week went on he got back into his groove.

Even though his favorite person Bella is not in his class this year he is slowly latching on to a few key new favorite people. Unlike some with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mr. C IS interested in having personal relationships, he just is not always very good at it. He understands that he isn't good at it and that is cause for further anxiety and frustration. He is not good at non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and body language. He often sees children or teachers from school in other places like the Wal-Mart and he doesn't know who they are right away which makes him feel uncomfortable when they appear to know him. A kid will run up "hey Mr. C!" and he freezes and looks like a deer in headlights. I'll say to the other kid "Hi I'm Mr. C's Mom. Are you in class with Mr. C?" And help him to reacquaint himself with the person. He normally wants to exit the whole seen quickly.So the first day back to school can understandably be a challenge.

Miss M did well at the beginning of the week and as the week progressed we saw more moody and emotional behavior, which is typical in the cycling we see. No rage. The weekend was a HUGE effort but all things worked, fell into place, the planets lined up correctly, or whatever ... but no rage. Hoo-ra!

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