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Friday, September 18, 2009

Laying down the Law!

Okay so we have a situation here that is not uncommon. We have two boys that migrate into our bed at night. Mr. C is not too bad. He doesn't come in until 2 or 3 am. However, his young side kick is a menace to Mama's sleep.

He starts out in his bed but usually comes out and wants "to wok you." He and his trusty companion Lamby who we lovingly refer to as toxic waste Lamby because he usually looks gross. In fact today he smells like pesto because Lil Bro had Pesto and linguine for lunch. And Lamby was as always near by.

That's Lamby in his hand.

And Pesto on his face.

Back to the wok you thing. He is getting worse and worse about not going to sleep and not staying asleep. He wants Mom to lay down with him and wakes up when I try to sneak away. So it has become much to cumbersome to put up with any longer. That and I saw a Super Nanny episode that totally reminded me what I needed to do. I saw this other family doing much of what we do here and I was thinking what a bunch of idiots and then I realized I was one of the idiots. Had myself an ah-ha moment.

We have also been working on Lil Bro's use of the nasty rage voice that he has picked up from other family members. He grits his teeth and screams "give me my ______". We have been using the whole my ears don't work when people scream, you need to ask nicely. And he is getting there, slowly. I was soooooooooooooooooo embarrassed the other day when the check out lady told him to, "Stop screaming in the store, we don't allow screaming." Then he had a stand off and was refusing to leave the store cause kids like to do that when you have your hands full of other things. The check out lady said, "You better go with your Mom, she likes you." Meaning the other store goers were not feeling the love for Mr. rage voice. Oh the pride of that moment still lingers.

So Lil Bro used the whole rage voice at me today while making a demand. I said the my ears don't work bit to which he said, "You give me my _____" and then hit me. Nope! Time out corner Mr. Man. I had to replace him about 15 times and get my linguine off the stove cause apparently it is my life's mission to multi-task with the best of them, but he did the time eventually.

So if you are saying prayers for this family add in there about Lil Bro staying in his bed and giving Mama the strength and wisdom to get through it!

9:25pm - Down in the trenches! Still not asleep. (started at 7:30pm)
Has been out at least 10 times, Lamby and sippy cup in hand declaring "I not sweep in dis bed Mommy!"

Keep praying!

10:25pm - The trench is filling with water! Snot flying, he has pee'd the bathroom floor he is so darn mad, and still yelling, "I wok wit you! I not sweep in here!"

11:26pm - Finally asleep in his own bed. Okay so I had to sit beside him and then it still took another 30 minutes ... but he is asleep. I will no doubt be back at this at 2 am for round two when he decides to come to Mommy's bed.

1:11am - Mr. Man is up and mad. Mom gets him back to sleep by patting his back, he protest but finally gives in to sleep. He has completely managed to wake Mr. C by this time. The universe is against me! I have no recollection at what point Mr. C went back to sleep. I had to tuck him in and assure him that he was going to stay in that bed.

I did get back to sleep in my bed.

Middle of the night - at some point I ended up in the bed in the boys room. I do not admit defeat because they did stay in their bed.

6:00am - Mr. C is awake. Not happening! By 6:30am I migrate into my bed and take Mr. C with me so that he does not wake the household. Lil Bro is still sleeping in his bed so there is some victory for this weary Mom. Mr. C is not sleeping in Mom's bed but is making every noise known to man as he entertains himself while the household sleeps. At some point I pass out from exhaustion and at some point Nan is awake and so he joins her. That's right moments of sleep with no kids in my bed!

8:00am - Lil Bro wakes up in his own bed and declares with that little kid proud voice, "Mommm I waking in my bedddddddd." As if the night was not in his memory bank at all???
Currently - happy as two larks playing with their trains. ?

*****Update, Day 2:

7:45 pm - Teeth brushed and story time in bed with lullaby music playing. Followed by hugs and kisses and security lovey tucked in place (aka Lamby and Henry the Hippo).

Lil Bro discussed how he wanted to "I lay on you arm Mommy." No can do buddy. Mommy rubbed his head and patted his back and he fidgeted and rearranged and on and on and then suddenly boom...

8:20 pm - he was asleep!

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