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Saturday, October 3, 2009

To Grandma's House We Go

Grandma invited Mom to join Mr. C for his visit at her house. Unlike the girls who do okay being away from Mom for a short period of time Mr. C has never been without one of his immediate family members since the day we took custody of him October 30, 2003. He has been to Grandma's before but Big Sis has always gone with him. Grandma said that she would like to have a visit with Mom too.
This is Grandma. (click on photo to see her more clearly)
Here's Mr. C at Grandma's house.
This is the 3 year old who was NOT okay with Mom leaving for 24 hours. NOT okay!

This is Paw Paw with his Great Grands. He lives at Grandma's house too. :-)
This is Nan supervising Paw Paw at the fire pit cooking the hot dogs. And beautiful Big Sis who was happy to see her Mama.
These are the "twins" happy to see each other and playing a game of chase. Miss M is always in chase mode. That's the butterfly house to the left.

Apparently when you are done running you lay down in the grass so that your Mom has something fun to do like get grass stains out of your clothes.
It was really nice to have time at MY Grandma's house. These children of mine have taken over visits at Grandma's house but when I was young I loved to go to my Grandma's house, and went often.

My Grandma's house always smells like my Grandma and I don't know what the smell comes from. It is such a comforting smell; dove soap and clean clothes and things like biscuits and chocolate cake cooking and flowering house plants - Grandma. It has always smelled the same way and Grandma is always the same, a constant in my life.

I am so thankful to still have my Grandparents in my life alive and well. They are 78 and 76 and living proof of what healthy living can do for a person. Of all the Grandparents for both me and Dad these are the only two who are still with us. What a gift! I treasure them and they have been wonderful about being involved with our children.

Sure they have laid us low when they didn't understand all of what was going on with Miss M. That tends to happen when you have a child with RAD. Everyone else gets "the perfect child" and so it must be your parenting or environment or that you have too many children that are the problems. But video footage is a wonderful thing and helps to clear stuff up in a hurry. There has always been love, whatever the criticism was.

This visit with them, even though it was only 24 hours, was a precious memory.

However, the viewpoint here on the home front was hope you took a lot of picture because one particular 3 year old was no pleasure to deal with without his Mama. He kept them up most of the night demanding his Mama.

It is nice to be missed.

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jessica bear said...

So sweet...I wish I lived closer to my nonna...but GG (dave's grandma) is sweet as can be, too, and she's in NNews. I know what you mean about the smell - whenever my mom sends me a package from Italy, I smell my grandma's house - it's a distinctive "clean clothes" scent.