The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's October, It's 90 degrees in FL

The grass is turning brown and crunchy here in FL in October because of record breaking temperatures and no rain. So what ya gonna do? Break out the sprinkler!

This is Chico the Chihuahua bullying Daisy the Pit Bull in her own bed. 

That's right, that's her chewy he's chomping.  He take no pr-E-ss-E-nors man!

And after you have had a hard day in the heat and the sprinkler what else ya gonna do but fall asleep in front of the telly?!

With your feet on the dresser like the foot rest that God intended it to be.

The weekend went remarkably well. Miss M did BEAUTIFUL! She was cooperative and re-directed easily. She was respectful while Big Sis had a friend over Saturday. She did not interfere with what they were doing. She stuck to Mom like glue unless Dad or Nan was engaging her in some activity.

Dad took the girls, including the friend on a nature trail Sunday morning. Miss M did perfect with that. She was very proud that she spotted a wood pecker.

Mr. C did well too. It is not easy for him at all to deal with Big Sis having a friend over. It goes beyond the normal annoying little brother stuff. It has to do with his rigid and extreme thinking on things at times. To him because we are a family, a group when a friend comes over that friend is there to be enjoyed by everyone. Period. End of understanding and or discussion. We have worked with him on changing this understanding. His CBA is working with him on changing this understanding. What we did this time was make it worth his while. He still does not agree with it, it just isn't the way it is in his world. However, he likes the rewards. So ... we placed a reward opportunity in front of him if he earned it with respectful behavior while Big Sis had her friend over. A few reminders of "reward", and he was able to pull it off.

Well with all this good stuff this weekend it should be right about time for the bottom to drop out this coming week. Stay tuned!


jessica bear said...

Hahaha! Love the optimism, there, Dawn! Nah, it's reality, isn't it?
Evan was too cute with his feet up on the dresser asleep...
And was that a new slide in the backyard? Very cool!

Mom 4 Kids said...


It has been too long since you guys have been here! We have had the slide for a while. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Having that TV up so high with the electric cord hanging like that is dangerous.
Accident waiting to happen.