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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Run Around

This week the Loo-Loos went to Mr. C's orthopedic appointment. Dr. Ortho was delayed in surgery for an hour. The staff thought it might be a good idea for us to go and play over with the toys, for an hour. Before the real waiting for the doctor began. I thought not, so we left and ate breakfast instead.

So we had arrived at 8:10 AM, which was 10 minutes later than our original appointment. Then we went and ate breakfast and watched the video in the van until 9:15 AM. We waited in the holding area for 30 minutes and then we were able to go and wait in the spacious 6 X 6 foot room with the twirly whirly stool that no one is supposed use but the Dr. Try telling a board 3 year old boy who loves all things dangerous and dirty not to spin on that super cool spinning stool. It goes a little something like

1. tell boy no and put boy down

2. second verse same as the first.

We moved on to making balloon glove people.

That held their attention for 2 minutes. Then they commenced beating each other over the head with the balloon glove people. Another 2 minutes of entertainment.  All total this adventure to doctorland lasted from 7:30 AM when we headed off in the van to 11 AM when we finally left the doctor's office.

Dr. Ortho wanted more x-rays of Mr. C's legs to verify a leg length discrepancy. Sure enough his right leg is a 1/4 shorter than his left and he needs a shoe life done at the shoe repair shop. Insurance won't cover that but it is only $15 allegedly so I am told.

By the time we were shuffled off to x-ray the staff had assigned a student nurse to Lil Bro to try to wrangle him in. Apparently they had observed the failed balloon glove people attempt and felt it was time for backup before we went traipsing around radio active x-ray machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was a good plan on their part and yeah that has already been added to the list of embarrassing occurrences in my life, #472,000 I believe.

I sent the memo out to Dad already too that from now until pre-K starts he will need to attend all doctor appointments to do the 3 year old wrangling. He memo'd back that he would need to get back to me on the logistics of that request. I know 'the run around' when I hear it.


Corey said...

If that shoe lift is only $15, I am going to turn GREEN with envy. WildGirl's shoe lift (which is 2cm, and is external) costs us $124 now. And that's not counting the shoe I put it on! This girl will NOT grow up with a shoe fetish, I'll tell you that.

jessica bear said...

Ugh! I hate waiting at the doctor's office! Good idea going to get breakfast...