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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keep On Keepin On

Mr. made it through Wednesday okay. We are working on a more structured earning program regarding Wii/Computer time and his ADHD med has been adjusted again.

Mr. CBA was here Tuesday evening and Dad came home for the visit too. Mr. CBA was talking about the cycling that we are seeing with Mr. and the behaviors that are with the elevated aggression like sleep difficulty and increased appetite. I have to say I don't like the sound of that. Those are some of the things that we see with Miss M in relation to the bipolar when it is not regulated.

We just can't get around the fact that we are looking at a lot of inconsistency with Mr. and his frustration level. We went on the trip up north a month ago and I fully expected him to act out because of all the change but in fact he did great. He had been doing well before the trip also. The week following the trip, even before Dad went out of town, Mr. went south behavior wise and has not leveled back off.

So we will just have to see how all that unfolds.

Someone said, "Have you ever considered just chucking the Wii and Computer?" Yep I have and if it comes down to being a problem and not a benefit then I won't shed one tear as it goes up on craigslist but we have a kid on the Autism Spectrum who can have some way out there melt downs and is getting bigger all the time and the thing that is of most interest to him the most motivating to him is Wii and Computer time, so we use it.

Big Sis can get it if she loses a privilege for a period of time for poor choices. For instance she had the notion to cut her screen out of her window because she wanted it open. Well let's see would calling an adult for assistance been a good choice in this situation? Yes I think so. At any rate she will be making restitution for this in the form of paying for the screen and assisting Dad with the repair.

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The LaBelle Family said...

Oh, man...every day is a new adventure, isn't it? WOW! I could not believe my eyes when I just came to your blog, after sending out my email, with the same last line, as your first line! Talk about great minds, eh? LOL :)))

Mom 4 Kids said...

I know, I read your e-mail first and I thought we were playing on the blog post title and then I thought holly cow we both said that and didn't know the other one had said it. Great minds indeed!