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Friday, December 4, 2009

More on getting a Clue

Miss M brought her weekly behavior report home today as it goes on Fridays. She also seems to poop her pants every Friday, any connection? I'm not sure.

These little reports started out at the beginning of the year with Outstanding or O as the marks for:

1. Listens Carefully

2. Stays On Task

3. Follows Directions

4. Treats Others With Respect

5. Follows Class Rules

6. Does His/Her Best Work

Then the marks went to Satisfactory or S. Now we are getting N for Needs Practice in the areas of Stays on Task, Follows Directions, Does Her Best Work followed with the comment "Not always following directions - Off task many times." She brings a lot of work home to be completed that she did not do in class.

In fact I asked Mrs. Teacher during our meeting last Wednesday if she felt some of Miss M's "inconsistent demonstration of skills" was attention related. She said that she felt A LOT of it was attention related. I am interested in seeing what these initial test show that the school is allegedly performing and if the initial test will help us get more concrete psych testing done. A "full evaluation" as they called it.
My gut feeling is that in reality a lot of this is "I'll do it my own darn way thank you" syndrome also known as "I'm not doing it your darn way" syndrome but we must go down this road and eliminate attention problems or find that in deed she does have attention problems in addition to whatever learning disability has not been named as yet and whatever processing problem has not been named as yet.


Corey said...

Oh boy.

Daniel has a "maybe" ADHD diagnosis (meaning "they" say possibly, and I say, yeah, I don't think so.) But since the RTC actually has to deal with his behavior, if they want to medicate him, I let them. I absolutely do NOT think he has an attention deficit. I think he has an "EFF-U" overload. So while they might see a kid who can't stay in his seat, wanders the classroom, throws his pills across the room, has no impulse control, etc.. I see a kid who can sit and do a 1000 piece puzzle in a single day.. and engages in these other behaviors to SEE WHAT YOU WILL DO. That's not "distractable."

As for the pooping.. I don't know.. what are YOU doing to make that child so anxious? ;-) Maybe a sticker chart would help..



Mom 4 Kids said...

Corey thanks for taking the time to comment!

The sticker chart is definately the answer! LOL!