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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Report

Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments regarding our 3-hour tantrum. Mr. is definitely doing better today as well. I guess his med dose change is the right one. The sign in sheet and regulated play times with the Wii and Computer are helping him as well. He asked when we would be done with that schedule. Ha ha.

He helped Dad with the repair of the closet door as restitution for the damage. He does not like this kind of activity where as Miss M is quiet happy with this kind of activity and the one on one attention that comes with it. He had to go to the hardware store with Dad and then help with the repair. We had a discussion about restitution prior to the hardware trip. I reminded him of when Mom got a traffic ticket for making a U turn where it wasn't allowed. I did not see the sign and did not knowingly make the mistake but I still had to make restitution for the mistake by taking a driving course and paying the State of Florida a lot of money. He remembered and got the comparison.

Miss M is struggling with emotions at the moment, lots of crying fits but no violence. It's been 2 months since she physically assaulted anyone. She seems to be using the techniques that she has learned to help herself regulate.

We are going on the 29th for a Diagnostic Evaluation to try to get a little more insight on the comprehension problems she has. They are becoming more evident as her aggression at home is more under control. She seems behind in her social play. Unless she is being physical such as running, jumping, swinging etc. she seems lost. She always wants her horse or pony or person (toy) to be an aggressor and she has come to accept that is not acceptable. We remind her and she turns it right off but then she doesn't seem to know just what to do. She will line the toys up to give hugs or try to follow the other childs lead in what the imaginative story is all about but I don't think she has the ability to "picture" things in her mind very well.

This isn't really new information but at 6 and a half she is definitely at an age where it stands out to me that she has these struggles. I think that perhaps it goes unnoticed more often than not in school and camp because there are so man opportunities to just be physical (run, swing and so on) that it just seems that she prefers those things and clearly she does but I really think that she does not understand imaginative play. It is so similar to a child on the Autism Spectrum but I don't see that as a factor with her. She definitely learned social behavior like being charming and being perceived as "a sweet girl". A child on the AS doesn't have the ability to do that. But she seems equally impaired to me in terms of comprehension and imaginative play, the ability to visualize to "picture".

The first step has been to regulate behavior and get these rage outburst under control, it seems we are there largely. Now I can focus more on trying to figure out what help she needs with these other issues.
Further on the Weekend Report - Dad decided to take Daisy for a walk with the roller blades.

Things are under way now.

They are the tiny dot down the road so all went well.

No Miss M we do not take the Snow-Doh Man out with the stick.

Here he is still in one piece, no worries.

Here is the Nanster recovering with Nurse Chihuahua Jasmine by her side.

And that's news to me!

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J. said...

calm is always a good thing, hope taht this week is ok and that they can stay regulated! It is tough, the excitment is building around here too