The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Monday we went to the park to meet Mr.'s BFF "J", you may recall they are in the same class together at school. BFF "J"s Mom has been studying the bible for a while and is going to be getting baptized soon. She also works at the boy’s school. Needless to say this friendship is a good thing. BFF "J" is Mr.'s lifeline socially at school. Can I request that they be put in the same class again next year? I will be looking into that.

Mr. had done fair in the AM before our 1 PM play date. Big Sis has had her BFF "I" here since Sunday and that is a stressor for Mr. He is very much like all younger siblings in that he wants to be included in the friend group and the girls do include him and Lil Bro some but at the same time they want their friend time with no little ones. This is where it gets tricky. Mr. has extremely literal thinking as a person on the AS. And his fury is the same as if I tried to convince you that the sky is indeed pink despite the fact that you see it as blue. If I persisted in the fact that the sky is pink and you need to accept that at some point your dander might get up and you might want to punch me for my non-sense idea. Granted that hopefully you have the maturity and self-control to walk away and not punch me but you would likely want to. It's kind of like that for him for A LOT of things in life. His literal thinking tells him that the way he sees it is the correct way, the end, period, that's all folks. Add to that a brain that is chemically not right at the moment and viola - THE WHAM-O!!!
So yeah I was dealing with the wham-o from 3 PM to 6 PM yesterday. Dad made it home at 5:30 PM and assisted with the wham-o. The CBA called at let's say 5:27 PM and could hear Mr. carrying on the wham-o, apparently he was near by and considering coming to assist when he saw Dad drive past with a purpose and announced that "Reinforcements are on the way, I see Dad!"

I have it on video, some of it, so CBA can review it Thursday. Needless to say we have a call in to Dr. Psychiatrist and are awaiting the call back. I have reduced the ADHD med back to what it was before the increase in dose, as that clearly is not cutting it. We shall see what Dr. Psychiatrist says.

We did have a grand old time at the park, pre WHAM - O.

Lil Bro taking on the slide.

My crew including BFF "I".  (Miss M was at Day Camp)

BFF "J" looking over Mario Brother cards with Mr.

Winter in Florida - coats, hats and flip-flops?


Rose said...

I hope things are going better today. Hang in there.

SanitySrchr said...

Yup...coats, hats, and flip-flops! What else would do??

It sounds as if you are handled the WHAM-O quite well.

Does the CBA and Dr. Psychiatrist stay in contact?? Is the Psych able to gain any additionaly perspective from CBA?

Hang in there!! We're praying for you.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks for the well wishes Rose!

SanitySrchr the CBA and Dr. Psychiatrist have met in person and communicate through me mostly. We had a big meeting with everyone in person some months back. This time of year is tricky because Dr. Psychiatrist is out of town and checking messages on the machine. I hope to hear from him on Wednesday. He has been good enough to give us his home number too (back when Miss M was in crisis) but I don't like to use it unless it is an emergency.

I knew you could relate to the attire in the photo! LOL!

jessica bear said...

Poor Mr. C! It's the classic case of "if it's not one thing, it's another" :( Actually, poor you guys! One of these days the universe will synch up (we can hope, right?!) Sounds like my girls, anyway...
((hugs)) to all of you - we miss you all - the whole kit and caboodle of ya! Bacioni!

The LaBelle Family said...

Tell me, dear, do you think you (and/or the children) will live past puberty? One day at a time, one day at a time, one day at a time....I have to keep telling myself, so, I'm sure this is not an uncommon phrase in your house, as well. Keep on keepin' on!!! This, too, shall pass! Just not soon enough. :)'ll make people wonder, if nothing else. LOL ;)))))