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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What day is it?

A Gathering To Protest Global Warming
(hee hee :-)

So we had the Wham-O on Tuesday and Wednesday was not 3 hour tantrum bad but Mr. is still struggling.  Dr. Psychiatrist is back in town and called me back today.  He has added a med to Mr.'s ADHD med, it is the "magic med" as well call it because it is Miss M's life line to stability.  He is starting on a very low dose and we will see how it goes. 

The child does not sleep well and NEVER has.  He woke with night terrors until he was 6.  He has trouble turning his brain off and falling asleep and he has trouble staying asleep.  So ... here's hoping!

I have had the stomach flu today.  I won't go into details, you're welcome.

Miss M's day camp is closed today and tomorrow for the holiday, as they were last week.  Dad and Nan have juggled their work schedule and kid duty because Mom is sick.

Miss M had a tantrum today but she did well.  She goes into the banshee scream but she carries herself to her room, throws some things around and then sits on her bed and calms down.  What the???  Never thought we would get there but here we are.  It encourages me that we will get there with Mr. too.

He is a sweet loving little guy who likes to help others and hugs and kisses on Mama all the time.  He is kind to the animals and can just be so sweet.  But he has Z.E.R.O. frustration tolerance right now and gets really violent when he gets mad.  Not good.

And that's news to me!


SanitySrchr said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that Mr. is getting a little relief! Good job Miss for recovering so well! Wishing you a very happy healthy and healing new year!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

SanitySrchr we have fingers crossed as they say but he is sleeping less than ever tonight so I don't think that is good. I am hoping it is just too soon to tell since I know that it takes 10 days for this med to reach it's therapeutic level. Oy!

Lisa said...

Hang in there! You'll get there!