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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Muddy Thinking

(Note:  this post began this afternoon but as is typical ended later this evening.  My children are not playing outside at 9:30pm.)

My kids are currently digging in the dirt outside. A BIG part me feels like gross, yuck, nasty, and I don't want to have to clean that mess ... but I know that it is a wonderful creative outlet and good for their brains so I suck it up and don't say a thing. There is probably not enough spray n wash on the planet to get those stains out but we will do what we can.

Mr. has been MUCH improved. Thank you magic med and the Japanese scientist who made you! His brain has settled down and he is currently able to deal with frustration and disappointment with out a total melt down. His personal connection with family members is better too.

Miss M has been testing some of her old ways lately. It isn't getting her anywhere and I am kind of riding it out and hoping she gets the train back on the tracks as one Mom puts it. We have not had any more rage but lots of other RADish behavior. She has with drawn some and isn't being as genuine with her hugs. I just say, "Oh wait a minute sister that was a hug from way back, how about a real hug?" She kind of giggles and then does give a real hug.

She is continuing to answer when I ask her about "the big feelings" that were behind a behavior. It isn't the major struggle that it was long ago. I have heard other more experienced Mom's talk about their children with RAD having a hard time letting those old behaviors go and actually missing them. I have heard still other Mom's talk about their children being guilty over something and that brings forth some old behaviors.

On that note we have a missing pair of glasses. These darn glasses! She wanted the glasses and then she got the glasses and did not want to wear them? Glasses she picked out and she wanted? For a while she was "forgetting" them at school. Her teacher asked me about the glasses and how often did she need to wear them. I said, "According to the eye doctor she needs them all the time, she is near sighted." So Mrs. teacher decided that she would have Miss M start wearing them in class. Now ain't that a hoot that them there glasses disappeared directly after that? Huh?

Miss M came up with a unsolicited (we did not ask about the glasses) story about how one student said another student in her class took the glasses and had them. Seemed fishy at best. I e-mailed Mrs. Teacher with the story and asked if she could look around for the glasses. Mrs. Teacher e-mailed me that no one had the glasses and that she would have all students clean out their desk in an attempt to find the glasses. I am guessing that someone was not real pleased with that whole situation, and maybe feeling a little guilty about having "lost" the glasses.

Miss M announced to me that, "I guess you will have to get me some new glasses." Me - "No sweetie, the insurance won't pay for another pair of glasses so soon and Daddy and I won't pay for new ones because you did not wear the ones you had." Miss M - "Oh."

Any who ... we keep on keeping on and wait for what's next.


The LaBelle Family said...

Never a dull moment, is there? You're a better momma than I am. I would have lost it by now, for sure. Good job, girlfriend! Keep it up!

Lisa said...

Shall we bang our heads against the wall together????

SanitySrchr said...

The mudpies make me giggle! 'Round these parts, the school board has an "Environmental Studies Center". Every year the kids get to go and learn nature stuff, etc., but true joy comes in fifth grade...THE MUD WALK! Yes, an entire trail devoted to the sheer pleasure of squishing you way through waist deep mud! You have to duct tape your shoes on and everything. I did it as a fifth grader, and in February I get to accompany Freckles as she gets to go!! Although the entire fifth grade class is excited for it, I'm certain the bus drivers are dreading this day!

I really must know what this magical med is!!!

I hate that Miss M has regressed some, but I'm encouraged that you're able to reign her back in some with the "real" hugs. Real hugs are something I don't have with Bam Bam. I'm praying these will come someday (soon).