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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Because things were not loo loo enough…

... Daisy the dog ate 4 to 6 ounces of semi sweet chocolate chips. It is 1 am and she is wide-awake and into everything. I can’t put her outside because she howls. She won’t go to sleep and a peanut butter filled kong toy only keeps her busy for about 10 minutes.

So since I’m up anyway I minas well make use of the time and play bloggy catch up.

In conversation with Miss I became aware that she has a teacher assistant in her class now. I think this is one piece of the puzzle as to what has been going on with her down swing upswing, whichever way we want to phrase the recent travels to tantrum town.

Miss began speaking of Miss Assistant a few weeks ago but I misunderstood and thought she was one of the inclusion teachers that Miss works with. All indications are that the assistant is to Miss' liking but still it is a major change (and we no likey change) in the classroom and I am sure not nearly as easy to monopolize Mrs. Teacher's attention.

We spend a lot of time outside doing physical activity normally but with the cold that we have been having that has changed too. This past weekend was beautiful and we spent the majority of the weekend outside. Although she is clearly still "off" we had no tantrums, until Monday morning 'I don't want to go to school'.

Mr. is doing much better at moving forward and not going into aggression mode when he gets stuck up on something. Last night we decided to grab a bite of dinner out. We don't do that often especially during the school week (change in routine) and he missed his last scheduled Wii time because of the outing. Because of the way Mr.'s brain works we cannot deviate from the schedule, meaning that if a time is missed because we were out and about that time is missed and we go to the next available time. It has to be law of the universe concrete for Mr. or he wants to "earn" Wii time all the time anytime. Dad made a boo-boo and gave in to some extra Wii time a week ago Monday and we are still trying to recover from that. Literal thinking says if I can have extra Wii time this time then I should be able to have extra Wii time anytime and I will attempt to negotiate and or harass you into reason.

At any rate he was upset because of having missed his last Wii time and I confirmed that I understood that he was frustrated and that next time we would be sure to give him the option of staying home so that he did not miss that last earned time. One grown up would stay with him and we would bring his dinner back to the house but this time he was now working toward earning his morning Wii time. Normally I would feel this is too cumbersome for a family but ASD works a little differently and the success that he has been having is worth it to us. I believe ultimately he would choose to go and miss the Wii time but it would processed differently in that case.

At any rate we went about getting everyone in PJ's and ready for Family Bible Study and then we all met in the living room. He fussed and complained and seemed close to melting down but never became aggressive.

Why does the dog who hates to get a bath jump into an empty bath tub and steal bath toys at other times? Why does the kid who will have a tantrum about not wanting to get a bath then not want to get out of the bath tub once they are in there? Why does a kid go for weeks with out poop in the pants but kick up the tantrums and then knock off the tantrums only to kick up the poop in the pants again? If I have to make a choice between the two frankly I’d rather have the poop. And that’s why we call this place Loo Loo Land!

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Great pic....

I have both your kids rolled up into one! I have the no- likey change girl and the rigid universe is a straight line boy in Genea. We are big second chance givers, and try again people but we just cannot do that with her, it sets her back and whacks her out so bad it takes like you said, weeks to recover!

Poop vs tantrums, hmmm, I never realized I had a choice. I think I'll still take tantrums. Thanks for letting me know lol!