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Saturday, February 27, 2010

You give me fever!

The last few days have been interesting and full of fever. Yep we are full of coodies over here in Loo-Loo Land.

Miss woke up around midnight (why is always midnight or 3 in the morning that things go down?) Thursday night burning up with fever, temp running 102 plus. And because we cannot do just one thing at a time Lil Bro woke up and decided to have a temper tantrum to the tune of 'I won’t Mama now'!

We saw the pediatrician Friday who decided to see the boys also while we were there because she feels these coody filled kids are passing this stuff back and forth to each other. Sure enough tough guy Lil Bro had an ear infection. Hello could he have mentioned this to Mom? The pediatrician said, “Lil Bro which ear hurts?” And the little stinker pointed to the infected ear. Thank goodness she is cool and gets that he is just not a fussy sick kid and that it isn’t that I am a who cares kind of Mom.

Since this round of sickness started 6 weeks ago with Mr. and then proceeded on to Miss and then Lil Bro and second verse same as the first we have started it all over again she decided that it was time to bring on the big gun antibiotic and they are all going to be on it for a full 2 weeks. I gave her the face to which she explained that she knew I was not a med seeker but they needed it, for crying out loud Miss took a NAP and was NOT eating! Two things that never happen, even when she had her tonsils out at 3 she was downing Jello and Slurpies like there was no tomorrow and that was straight out of surgery!

I will say that even while sick she has been a pleasant little thing, really amazing stuff these ups and downs.

The trip to the pharmacy was a real trip. (I really think a camera crew should just follow me around, it's really pretty entertaining stuff.) The pharmacy staff knows our kids and our family well for obvious reasons. I am pretty sure we are paying at least the light bill down there and thank goodness for insurance.

The pediatrician did not question Miss reaction to the Singulair med btw, she admitted that it does happen with some individuals “especially those with Miss’ chemistry”. She is now using a nose spray to help with the on going nose problem. The pediatrician also tested her urine because of the fever and complaint about belly pain with no poop issues. It showed a small trace of white cells and this particular big gun antibiotic will wipe that out too, but this prompted pediatrician to have a discussion with Miss about proper wiping techniques. Miss was not having that conversation thank you and so she simply chooses not to participate. It is absolutely hilarious to watch my child work her magic on someone else. Where as she will feel free to give her family the Wham-O she’d prefer not to go there with others. She sat there stone faced starring at the doctor and I was pretty sure if the doctor kept talking that laser beams were going to shoot from Miss’ eyes!

Their pediatrician really is great. It is a situation where it is totally worth putting up with her no count office staff because she is so great. At any rate the Little Loo-Loos are on the road to recovery and we have pro-biotics on board to combat the effects from the antibiotics.

True we have a many a pair

of messy underwear

but that’s nothing new ‘round here

and we hope to soon be clear

of coodies and all that we fear

but until then, pass me a beer

my dear.


The LaBelle Family said...

Never a dull moment in Loo Loo Land, is there? It's good that you are young enough to have the energy for all of this 'parenting'. Say, where DO you get all those cute pix (cartoons) that you add to your blog? I LOVE those!

Jeri said...

Would that be Bud Light or Dos Equis?
Sorry to hear about the returning crud. Many a time, we've gone to the pediatrician for something else and then found out about an ear infection, so, don't feel bad, not uncommon.

May your future be filled with piles and piles of just clean underwear.

Jill said...

We have ear infections here again, too. Sheesh! Hope your family feels better soon! (((HUGS)))

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I hear ya! We got back from Miami and Teena had a 102 temp that turned into puking then *poof* disappeared. It turned into a massive snot festival in my husband and now just yesterday turned me into an infectious strep mess.
However, Genea is not sick and rarely gets sick. My theory is that the germs are scared of her RAD.
Love the poem- you should submit it!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Corona Extra with a lime or Dos Equis - stay thirsty my friend! Love it!

Essie I hear ya, this mess has gone round and round over here. I agree the germs are afraid, very afraid! lol

Jules said...

she'd prefer not to go there with others.

Hmm, I wonder if that's because she knows if she did, other peoples' reactions might cause her embarrassment/shame?

Mom 4 Kids said...

Jules you are right on with your thought. Miss has said to me that she does not want to have a tantrum at school because she would be embarrassed and the kids might make fun of her. I think too with other adults she is not sure what they might do if she tantrumed. Once she kicks off a tantrum however she no longer has the control to pull it back in just because others are there. If they try to help she will attack them. Fortunately those times do not occur often anymore. Thanks for stopping by!

Jules said...

The way our minds work is so interesting sometimes. I wonder what it is about those reactions from outsiders that cause her to behave differently when around them...

Mom 4 Kids said...

For me that is one of the hardest things about raising a child with RAD. One psychiatrist explained it that all of us are most comfortable in our home environment, we are more relaxed and more our true self and this is true of Miss also. Her current psychiatrist point of view is really the same in that she is most comfortable with her family, in school she is more guarded about her behavior. Even my kids that do not have RAD have admitted that they are scared to go to the principal’s office. I don't know what they think would happen but it's all blown up in their mind.

Before Miss was as regulated as she is now she would often start raging the moment she got into my van at school. She had held herself together all day but was like a rubber band ready to pop. I started pulling over and having my older child go and get Miss' teacher. Miss could not pull it together even in the presence of her teacher and took her shoe off and chucked it at her teacher when she saw her coming. This child that had been well behaved all day in school had lost all control.

I have a dear friend who's bio daughter has mood disorder and similar to Miss holds herself together at school all day every day and the school has no idea that this child has behavior issues. The child herself is older and able to articulate better than Miss and she explained to Mom that she is scared and unhappy at school but she doesn't want them to know that and that she would be embarrassed if she raged at school. Interesting...

Jules said...

Wow, that's unreal. What did her teacher do when she saw that?

SanitySrchr said...

I'm certainly willing to come share a Corona with ya!!! I sure could go for it! (You can keep the coodies though.) Hope everyone feels better!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Sanity - you have a deal!

Jules - the teacher was shocked and she also believed more fully what Mom had shared with her regarding Miss' issues and what to watch for.