The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yes we have fully embraced the BRAT (bananas, rice, apples, toast) diet for both Miss and Lil Bro. Both have diarrhea with messy pants and this does not bother Miss in the least. Lil Bro is doing his best to make it to the potty, and 42 pairs of underwear later I finally thought to explain, "Do not toot toot in your pants, run to the potty if you have to toot toot and then no poopy will get in your pants." He was like light bulb moment, no more issues in the pants. His were honestly little skid marks of just not making it soon enough, no biggy.

Now if you have a weak constitution you may not want to continue to read on because Miss is having some issues in the poop department. You have been warned.

We had poop pants all weekend. I gave her the same explanation about not toot tooting in the pants but instead in the potty and problem solved, right? She gave me a smirky "ohhhh" and any time there is a smirk I can bet large sums of money that I will be seeing more of that behavior. Not a problem.

I figured I would get a call from school regarding her pants at some point but didn't. However, when Nan picked Miss up from aftercare a caregiver met her at the door with deer in headlights eyes and, "She had an accident today." Nan being intuitive as she is figured they did not mean blood and or broken bones accident and said, "Oh yeah?" The caregiver explained that Miss was standing in line to get water with all the other kids and they smelled her and it was obvious that she had pooped her pants. They asked her if she had (amateurs) to which she said, "No." with lots of shock and surprise why would you ask me something like that? To which they replied, "Yeah ya did."

They gave her a bag, clean clothes and wipes. She came home with the bag of course and when she pulled those pants out to clean them in the bucket ... I mean we have been dealing with behaviors for years now and we don't get shocked too much anymore but girl friend had herself a full on water diarrhea bowel movement (I told you not to read on) that had completely saturated her pants and was down her leg and she had gone about playing and waiting in the water line in this condition and then played the surprise card when they confronted her about it.

Because of the degree of yuck I just directed her right into the bathtub with the bucket of shampoo water and the scrubby brush. I get her set up and then I go and check on something in the other room so that she does not have an audience/attention, as we do NOT want to encourage this. When I popped back in this almost 7 year old was dunking the poop clothing in her bath water instead of keeping it in the bucket and she had WIPED HERSELF DOWN WITH THE POOP UNDERWEAR. Strength and wisdom strength and wisdom praying for strength and wisdom at this moment, I said, "Oh look a there it seems you are swimming in poop water, better let that down the drain." We let the bath water out and she proceeded on with finishing up the scrubbing, she did a pretty good job. Then she said, "I don't want to wash my hair." To which I replied, "Sorry kiddo but when you swim in poop water you have to scrub really well with soap all over." She was not happy.

For dinner she had all the rice she wanted and bananas and apple with the peeling (thanks Jeri), Lil Bro had the same. Now there are two things that we know motivate Miss M, one is Mom’s attention which she wants to control and have at all times and secondly food and especially treats or candy. I am interested to see if this BRAT diet encourages her to make an effort to get to the toilet or if it won’t matter to her. My guess is that she will not be interested in continuing on with this diet and not getting dessert will motivate her to figure out how she can get off this diet. If not she still needs Bananas Rice Apples Toast at the moment because the situation is dire, as in diarrhea.  :-)


Jeri said...

I like the way they pronounced in an Irish film, die-a-rear, cause it is so spot on. Hopefully, the BRAT diet works wonders either on the colon or attitude or both. Hang in there. 42 pairs of underwear to wash, 42 pairs in the take one down, scrub it around....

J. said...

Oh little Miss, your mama has you all figured out!
Calvin used to pull that, who me? I don't have poop all over me and I most certainly did not just stick my hand in in and hten wipe it on whatever was available! Thank God we have moved past that.

The LaBelle Family said...

Aaaahhhhhh! I'm so sorry. That's just wrong, to have to call that parenting, no? You've got what it takes, you've got what it takes, you've got what it takes...keep repeating this to yourself. You do!

SanitySrchr said...

Oh my goodness!!! Hope it gets better!! Tell me when and where, we'll meet for that Corona. Sounds like you need it more now than ever!

Jules said...

Oh man, I know it's not supposed to be funny but I am cracking up at your description. You are amazing to be able to deal with this.