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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Notes from a messy scrub bucket

Okay so this is day 2 of the BRAT diet. Lil Bro is doing awesome and had no poop pants today what so ever. He is 3 but he is also just plane awesome!

Big Sis joined the BRAT diet today. She had fever and flu symptoms last night, no school today (Wednesday). Thankfully she can keep her pants clean so we are not having that issue, with her.

So here’s the deal with Miss –

Monday there was the aftercare fill my pants with poo incident of 2010.

Tuesday BRAT diet and the pants had poo but it was much less poo and the aftercare caregivers were unaware of the messy underwear. Miss came home and had herself a minor tantrum about not wanting to get a bath. Needless to say the kids rear end is not in good shape because she is pooing herself with diarrhea and then wearing it for an hour or two. And there in lies the disconnect portion of things that can be so darn hard to work with. She gets that her butt hurts and she also gets that her butt hurts because of the poo in her pants but in the moment where she is running around and decided not to make efforts to get to a toilet the whole poo pants equals butt hurts just is not happening for the kid.

Wednesday we are still fully embracing the BRAT diet and her bowel movements have more consistency (hey I think the scrub bucket title was warning enough that this was going to be about poo) so doesn’t it stand to reason that there should be less poo in the pants than Tuesday? There was MORE poo in the pants today with MORE consistency to it and there was MORE tantrum today regarding cleaning her pants and getting a bath.

She doesn’t want a bath because her butt hurts. Why does your butt hurt?

Because of the poop.

Correct and how do we get the poop off?

But I don’t want a bathhhhhhhhhhh!!!

She is not okay with the BRAT diet and no one else that is on it loves it either but they get it. Even the 3-year-old gets that he needs to eat this so his tummy will feel better and his butt won’t get sore. He doesn’t like it but he gets it.

With the RAD disconnect feature she doesn’t get it. She is ticked off and I think there may very well be more poop and scrub buckets in our future.

Since she is going the whole day in the classroom setting and NOT pooping her pants but IS pooping her pants while running around at aftercare I am going to speak to the director tomorrow and ask if they will be willing to have Miss go potty before she goes outside. If she is made to have the opportunity to go potty before she runs around outside maybe that will help her keep the poo out of the pants.

It can’t hurt.



Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Poo stinks!

GB's Mom said...

Might work- can't hurt!

Anonymous said...

Dipaer rash ointment? (Unless she can't stand the smell).

Mine were sometimes fine if I let them stand in the tub while I used the hand-held to just get to their rears and legs. "Fine", as in, which do you want? A bath (no!) or to stand in the tub ... ("I don't want to stand"), ok, bath, No, ... finally ending in standing.