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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turf, part 2

In response to a question - A CBA is a Certified Behavior Analyst. The guy that works with our kids has a Masters degree in his field, has worked at residential treatment facilities, works for our children's school board and has worked directly with our psychiatrist on other cases. He has been very helpful in teaching us how to not feed into the attention seeking behaviors and he has taught us how to keep her safe when she rages. He is actually certified to train teachers in these techniques. I say all this because in my opinion not all CBA's are created equal.
Our situation was helped by the fact that Miss had attacked a social worker who worked for an agency we were working with to get help put in place at home. So the CBA had read a very telling report by this social worker that was well known and respected in the community.

Miss is not a kid that can suck it back in once she blows loose. Whoever gets in her path or tries to help her is going to be hurt. So being able to keep her safe was essential.

On to Part II:

We spoke to the director of aftercare, who btw does get Miss and what she has going on. But she is not the one watching Miss the majority of the time. Also the caregiver that had said Miss was just protecting her turf had said to Nan back in January "other people say Miss has problems but that she never sees any problems and that Miss is happy there and has friends." We shared all that with the director today. She assured us that Miss is going to be watched more carefully from now on so that she can get quick re-direction when she needs it and that all the kids remain safe.

So here's hoping!


Taz's Mama said...

hi. i found your blog from wonders in the night. i have two adopted kiddos from US foster care. my oldest has bipolar disorder. you can get to my blog by clicking on my profile link. i'll list your blog on my site if that's ok.

J. said...

I hope that she manages to follow through ont hat promise.

J. said...

The supervisor I meant... I find that sometimes they say thing and then don't really do anything.

J. said...
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Mom 4 Kids said...

J. I hope so as well. We seem to have this issue come up every few months. She will meet with the staff and they will keep Miss in the line of sight and things go well and then they get relaxed and Miss gets aggressive. We shall see.

Taz's Mama nice to meet you! I'm going to head on over to your blog now. Feel free to list this blog on your site.

Lisa said...

Lordy I hope she'll do what she says. You might have to stay on top of that for a while to make sure it really happens. Unfortunately, in my life, it seems the only time people take me seriously is when I watch them like a hawk. :(