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Saturday, May 29, 2010

AC day 1

I had to bring out that letter from Miss M from the last post much sooner than I thought!

We had a very good snuggle hug this morning and then that switch flipped in the brain.  An hour and a half in the pool but Miss had trouble playing nicely.  We all came in for lunch.  She got herself dressed and then Nan tried to help her with her hair.  That did not go well.  Nan walked away to "check on something on the stove" which is code for this is where I need to give you some breathing room for a minute. 

Dad heard the cue and went that way to see if he could help.  Too late, mentally Miss M was already gone and the RAGE had taken over.  It took about 10 minutes for her to get back in control.  She thoroughly trashed her room.  I came to check in with her and then she took a little nap before she cleaned up the mess.

When she woke up she came to tell me that she had cleaned everything up and she had.  I let her know that she owed the pain and suffering jar money.  We took care of that.  We talked it out as to what went wrong and what could have been done different.

The rest of the day went well though. 

We got 6 real hugs in.
I braided her hair.
We played checkers but then decided we were better at go fish.
Everyone else went out for a bit and so we read 2 chapters in Junie B Jones and read a 3rd chapter at bedtime since reading is part of our routine.

Lil Bro and Mr. gave me a good 25 hugs each and by the end of the evening Mr. climbed in my lap with his blanket and laid down like a baby. 

Big Sis and I have had 5 big squeezes and I am off now to have some Big Sis time since the younger kids are asleep.

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GB's Mom said...

Awesome first day :)