The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Monday, May 10, 2010

We made it!

The day went very well. Mr. and Miss M hung in there without any major incident. It was interesting to watch both of them deal with things that came there way and to see them use the skills they have learned and to see where the right medications have given them the needed help to stabilize and bounce back.

The look of anxiety, what is this going to be all about?

We even survived Lil’ Bro’s Mickey Mouse ice cream head rolling off his cone and into the floor beside him. That was not a magical moment but we did manage to get another scoop of ice cream.

We drove like the wind at the speedway!

We had lunch at Lady and the Tramp - Tony’s Restaurant. It was a really nice meal and all the kids enjoyed it and behaved. The kids were thrilled with the parade and the marching band that played outside. In fact when asked what her favorite parts of the day were Miss M explained, “I liked seeing the princesses, the parade and the marching band and I liked eating.”

The carousel ride was nearly a problem but we made it through and at any rate we got to go round and round for 32 seconds after standing in line for 45 minutes. Totally worth the wait – NOT!

When asked what was his favorite part of the day Mr. answered, “Shopping!” Now that’s a boy that’s been raised right!

The Hubs and I discussed the day and it is never easy with Mr. and Miss but for them they did great. Our last ride of the day was the riverboat ride. It was a difficult wait in line. Mr. was crumbling, Miss M cried, then there was the fake tarantula issue, Big Sis had a “why do these kids have to ruin my life” moment, but all and all we came through it okay. MP3 player, magic gum, replacing certain little ones more strategically and voila we survived.

Miss M did not want to be in this shot, she was having a moment.  Not a problem.

Hooray, all smiles!  (Notice the shirt?  We felt it only fair for folks to be warned in advance.)

At that point we knew that the little ones were toast and it was time to move toward leaving. We headed to the front entrance, stopped by a shop so that Lil Bro could get his goodie, Big Sis had to potty the second we arrived so she and Nan went and took care of that, Lil Bro had a melt down because he wanted a $72 train set to which Mom said no, Big Sis bought a stuffed Dalmatian dog because heaven knows we do not have enough stuffed toys in our house, kissed The Hubs and Big Sis who were going to stay on at the park, we headed for the tram, we headed the wrong way and then had to figure out how to get to where we needed to be, we got to were we needed to be and then got on the tram, we sat down happy to finally be sitting and Nan asks “Do you have your keys to the van?” Nope. Who does? The Hubs. Where is he? In the park. Where are we? Now circling the globe on a Disney Tram with 3 kids who have had enough of this good time.

We got the keys from The Hubs via the help of Disney staff. Got back on the tram and … The Fabulous Miss M has to potty right this very second. I told her that I understood and that as soon as there was a potty Mommy would take her potty. “But I have to pee NOWWWWWWWWWW!” Roger that but Mom does not have a potty. “But I am going to pee my pants and I don’t want to pee my pants.” Just do the best you can. “But I feel a drip!” It will be okay. “No it won’t you will be mad at me if I pee my pants!” At this point tears are welling up in her eyes and she is hanging on to that slippery slop by a finger nail. I told her that I would not be mad but even if I were mad what would that mean? What would Mom do if she were mad?

She just looked at me blankly as if she didn’t know. Her brain was in another place and time I think. No one gets punished around here for peeing their pants and they never have so what is going on in that head? I dunno but that question brought her back to reality. She held it and as soon as we got off that tram Mama hunted down a potty and that kid went and went and went. I was like high five for holding that kid o!

They were looking forward to some pool time at the motel but our trip around the globe had clearly stole our time. The stomachs took over and they all made the choice to get in the pool in the morning instead. I cannot begin to describe what a level of progress this is. No one had a melt down over this issue. They all ate their dinner (I use that term loosely) and then fell asleep on Mom’s bed.

The room was a nice set up and I could not believe how cheap it was, really good find. It wasn’t the Hilton but it was clean and awesome for an economy hotel. Miss M and Big Sis had bunk beds and Nan had the single bed next to them and the boys slept in the big bed with Mom and Dad.
It was an awesome day and many happy memories were made! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Lisa said...

So happy that y'all had a great time. The memories will be priceless!

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Glad you had a great time!!!!! :)

GB's Mom said...

That is so awesome!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I am so impressed you all made it through the day's ups and downs!

J. said...

so great that such wonderful memories were made!

The LaBelle Family said...

Aww...that's great! I'm so glad you had a good time...all of you! :)

PWNort64 said...

Sounds like a success!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks for all the happy thoughts everyone!