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Sunday, June 20, 2010

And so it goes...

Thanks for the thoughts regarding how to help with the eating situation!

We go the high fiber low sugar route.  Carrot sticks, salad, apples and good stand-bys and a small serving of nuts.  The issue that Mr. Man has with this med is volume.  I knew of a man that was morbidly obese and his favorite food was oranges.  Too many calories make a person gain weight no matter the source.

We are trying to do better with the water suggestion.  Mr. doesn't like to drink water.  All the kids drink watered down 100% apple juice as a main drink of choice but there are still extra calories.  So we are working on it.

I also think that his metabolism changes on the med.  I have no clinical proof but this is what I think.  I think he becomes more prone to weight gain even with limited calorie intake.  I have one kid who is like that by DNA.  That falls in the not fair category.  Keep the suggestions coming, it all helps!

BTW our Mr. Man is a happy little guy again.  It is great that we have the right med to help him but it also makes me sad that he needs the med.  Honestly I had hoped that we would take him off the med and find that he would do well without it.  That was a no go.

Thanks also for the concern as to where I have been bloggy wise lately.  All is well just busy with the summer goings on.

We went to a congregation gathering yesterday evening.  It is always nice to be with fellow Christians, up building and happy.  We don't get to sit in a chair and visit however while the kids go and play.  We have a child that must be monitored around other children and we are the only ones doing the monitoring.  We also end up monitoring other peoples children, like the kid that kept terrorizing the host's birds.  The poor cocktail birds (Mr. words, ha ha) cockatoos were screaming they were so upset.  I moved him out of the room and followed down behind him every time he decided he would go in there.  He got the point and moved on.

When it came time to leave the party Miss Fabulous didn't want to go.  Shocker.  She started to throw a fit outside of the van.  I was a few steps behind the rest of the gang and when I walked up she said, "I don't want to leave the party!"  I said, "Oh okay, well go on back inside."  Looks of confusion.  I said, "Sure, not a problem go on back into the party they won't mind."  Then she said, "NO!" with crossed arms and angry looks.  I said, "Oh okay then well buckle up cause we are leaving."  Then I said to Dad over the top of the car that if that fit got going up the block turn around and bring her back.

She thought about it but held it together and did not tantrum.  I also didn't push the envelop and did not direct her to get a bath even though she was sweaty gross.  Pick the battles I say.  I knew she could bath in the AM.  Everyone else got a bath and went to bed nicely.

I never offer a choice that I don't really mean.  I was absolutely prepared to march her back into the party and explain that she was having a temper fit about leaving and ask who was willing to bring her home on their way home.  There were a half dozen families who live close by that were still there and who would have done it.   She really had been looking to have a fit all day but we had the Toy Story 3 movie planned that afternoon and I made sure that they all understood anyone having a fit would not be joining us.  Then we had the party at 6 pm and I made sure they understood that anyone having a fit would not go.  But when it came time to leave the party there was no more incentive to put her best foot forward and hold it together.

This is where the medication stabilization comes in.  If she isn't stable on her meds it doesn't matter what the incentive is she is going to lose her cool and tantrum. 

We have also entered into the fake o complaint phase of life again.  She has more pains and problems than the geriatric population.  Funny thing is that getting sent back to bed to "rest and make those hurts feel better" seems to miraculously heal her in about 3 minutes flat.  I am thinking of writing a paper on the matter and submitting it to a medical journal, they are going to want to know all about this phenomenon.  :0)

I love that kid, she keeps it interesting!


GB's Mom said...

I think maybe so is God's gift to keep your brain young :)

Mom 4 Kids said...

Yes indeed! Love it!

The LaBelle Family said...

Great! Glad to hear you're just busy doing the things that families like yours do. Summer time is always the busiest time, it seems, and it flies by like a few minutes any more. As alway, keep up the great parenting skills and keep us informed. It really helps me to think more about what I could be doing instead of going bonkers myself, which is right around the corner, I'm sure. Aaahhhh!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Keeping it interesting is a great way to put it!

Anonymous said...

On the food / abilify thing -- the only thing I can think to add is to get rid of as much fructose as possible, esp. high fructose corn syrup. Fructose doesn't trigger our "I'm full" hormones. It might be in the salad dressing, ketsup, dips, etc.
As for water, my GI said "if water relieved constipation, then why is it you don't get the runs if you drink a lot of water?" The goal is to not be dehydrated. Maybe he'd like zero calorie (and no artificial sweeterners) fizzy water?
Perhaps experiment to find out if he can feel full -- and what foods give him that feeling? Try finishing meals with different sorts of carbs, or fats. Not all-he-wants, but maybe a slice of bread-and-butter after all the nutrients are in is what he needs to feel sated for a while???
There are few gums out there that don't have aspertame, but if you find one he likes, maybe gum can fool his body into thinking he is eating.