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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liar Pants on Fire

Caught Miss Fabulous in some major story telling.  Bold face look you in the eyes untruths.

She did not know that I already had the report from Mrs. Teacher about her missing recess because of not finishing work. 

When she came home we had our chit chat time and I asked, "So how was recess today?"  She said, "Uh fine well we didn't have recess today." 

"You didn't?"

"Well some people did not finish their work and so we did not go out to recess."

"Humm, that sounds different than what Mrs. Teacher told me."

Blank face.

We talked on and it was not getting any more truthful on her end so I asked her why she was lying to me about recess.  Very non-threatening tone of voice just curious kind of a thing.  She looked sheepish and said, "Well I don't know what Mrs. Teacher already told you."

I suggested that she just go with the truth and that the stories would then be the same.  That seemed to be a concept she had not considered.  The truth was she was the only one that had missed recess, she had to sit out of recess while the other kids played.  Two different stories for sure.

I explained to her in a 'for your information' kind of a way that things would not be going the way that they did last year and that the teachers were now aware that she was able to do the work and to do it on time.  That is was totally her choice if she did not choose to do her work but then she was choosing not to go out at recess and play.  "Either way is okay with Mom but I just thought you had the right to know."

Not that it is truly okay with me but I have come to accept that I can not make her do things and if she believes that her not doing something is upsetting to me it makes it all the more powerful to her.

She was very quiet and disconnected for a while.  She sat on the couch pinching her arm.  Then we had dinner and she seemed to come out of it.  Bath time came and she made a big to-do about that but didn't rage or anything.

Then the evening moved on as usual and she read stories with Big Sis and then I tucked her in.


J. said...

yipee for teacher who can communicate and not let a little RADish pull the wool over their eyes and for the Mama too.

GB's Mom said...

I hope I get one of those!

The LaBelle Family said...

Boy, what a difference when everybody is on the same page, eh? Hooray for Mrs. Teacher! :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I love the new Mrs Teacher! Too bad summer school is only 2 weeks.