The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September - Me No Likey

September is just not her month.  Miss Fabulous has been a moody little person these days.  She had another big rage but was able to keep herself from getting violent toward anyone else, so that is a plus.  The long weekend was in deed longgggggggggggg.  But we made it through.

She struggles to get along with any of us right now.  Homework is not so fun at the moment but we are moving forward.  Her reading ability seems to be improving.  Her working independently on homework is improving because Mama got a clue with the evaluation and so has the confidence to stick with it.

I think also she has a teacher who is actually looking to teach and not mother, that is a very good thing.

Mr. Man is doing well overall but not so much in the homework department.  He too is a challenge in that area at the moment.

My big girl who is schooling at home is doing awesome.  She had become a bit lazy on the school front and was starting to give Mom a hard time.  Mom laid down the law and she got back with the program and is working more independent than ever.  Love having her here at home with me!

Lil Bro is still a sweet talkin' heart breaker who is still lovin' Banana school.  He went to a new dentist today and she was awesome and totally made it a fun experience.  He goes back next week for some dental work.  He has one bad tooth that is due to a condition of how the tooth formed in the womb.  But she will be "drunk" for the procedure and we hope that he is a happy sleepy drunk and not a mean belligerent drunk.  At any rate the med combo used is safe, reversible if he has any problems and promotes a temporary 45 minute amnesia so he will not remember anything and we get to tell him how great he did even if he didn't and hey looky there your tooth is all better now.

I have less time to keep up with what's what in bloggyland because of the schooling at home but you are always in my thoughts!


The LaBelle Family said...

And, you are always in mine! It's good to know that there is some progress, even though there are also adjustments being made during September. I guess there always are, even with the so called normal child. It's an adjustment month for me, too, and I've been out of school longer than you've been alive!!! aaaahhhhh! Did I say that? That hurt. Ouch.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Sounds like everyone is moving along- I hope Miss mellows a bit after some more time at school. Home schooling is really hard I think!

J. said...

hope that Miss M can get into the groove as time goes by. COngrats on the home schooling, I do not htink that I have it in me.