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Monday, May 23, 2011

School’s out for Summer!

For the first time in years I am excited about summer break!

Mr. Man is doing well overall and I think that he will have a good summer.

Lil Bro is a fun kid and I am sure he will have a great summer.

Big Sis is all about summer and swimming fun. Her virtual school program was a hit and we are going to be schooling at home again this next school year.

We have summer camp day program lined up for Miss M and she is satisfied with that. We have also arranged several visits with Grandma and Paw Paw during the summer.

In June we are taking a family vacation for 10 days to the Great Smokey Mountains. We are planning to camp some and stay in a motel some. All 7 of us are going and the two Chihuahuas, in a Mom Mobile with a travel topper thingy on the top of the van. We should be a merry load of entertainment for our fellow travelers out and about on the high ways.

The last family vacation we took was when Miss was three and a half and not yet diagnosed. I was in over my head and out of my league big time. Somewhere on the side of the road on that trip I swore to my mother in law as God as my witness I will not travel out of the sunshine state with this child again until we get a handle on whatever it is she has going on. So five years later here we go.

Things are mostly the same with Miss. Her pants are poopy most days, which means she isn’t earning some privileges and she gets lots of practice at hand washing laundry because she takes responsibility and cleans the poopy pants. It’s getting worse instead of better. But life goes on.

She has had more issues with taking things that are not hers from school. We handle it, return it, etc. The teacher e-mailed me 2 weeks ago that Miss was refusing to do her best work on an important math test. The teacher had her redo the test 3 times. A few days later Miss received a “student of the month” award. Why should the child do better and try harder if she is rewarded for not doing? But life goes on.

She bullied a child at school again. I can’t remember if I posted about that or not. If I am repeating myself, bare with me. She demanded that the child play with her, the child did not want to so Miss started harassing her and when that didn’t work she got the student in trouble by reporting that the child called her a name that she didn’t. Miss never comprehended that she did anything wrong. I tried to reason with her that this was unkind and she got someone in trouble when they didn’t really do anything. Miss felt she deserved to be in trouble because she made her mad.

Even the behavior therapist sees that her need/demand for control is so valuable to her that it is very difficult to come up with leverage that will motivate her to make the right choice. He is supportive to our family and that is the real benefit.

We continue to know that we are being blessed with the means in which to cope with Miss’ issues. We pray that in time she will truly change from within. In the mean time we continue to do our best to help her and to keep moving forward.

With school being out I hope to have more opportunity to keep the blog updated.   Here are a few picture updates:

Mr. Man and his best bud at the awards.

Mr. Man with his Teacher.
(Sorry these photos are chopped up but the names were showing on the awards.)

    Miss at the awards.

The Hubs with his fish.

Jasmine the chihuahua!

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