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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday 10-23-08 morning

M had struggles, some of which we really thought were going to go bad. But she kept regaining control. Go meds!

C got with it and did okay this morning too. V was another story. We needed an atom bomb to remove her from that bed. Pulled the covers off. Mom yelling "get up now!" (picture me pulling my hair out) Once she got up, she was running late. No shirt was acceptable because they were all "ugly and stupid".

M with a straight face (remember the child deals with mental illness) says to me, "why was V kicking the toilet?" Witty Mom that I am I answered, "the same reason you kick the toilet honey. She was having a tantrum." Just as if this was the info she was looking for she nodded and said "okay." Loo loo land prevails!

V finally got dressed but had to eat her breakfast in the car. Nan drove them and reported that the girls did well together in the back seat. Still C's week in the front so he was high on the hog with no complaints.

I think this is the main reason that raising multiple children is so difficult, even without serious psychiatric illness in the mix. Just as soon as you get one kid back on the straight and narrow the next one decides it is their turn to act up so the parents feel like they never get a down moment from the chaos, cause we don't.

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