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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday 10-22-08 evening

M did well this afternoon. I think we have hit that correct balance of her meds!

C was a toot and really gave V a hard time outside. V did not handle it well and there were several altercations. Both lost TV for the rest of the day. C was particularly difficult to enforce this with, but I did. V had a total meltdown "don't take my TV, not the TV!!!"

I did something new for V. I was looking at the overall situation as it played out there in the backyard and I recognized that V really needed to get out of the house, just take a walk. The same way that we as adults need to at times. My general fear of twisted individuals who may be lurking had me leery to do this, but it was something I had been giving consideration to. I told her she could walk from point A to B with the dog and the cell phone. A total distance of about 2 blocks each way. She did it and came home in a very up mood and feeling really proud of her accomplishment.

I called the cell phone the first 5 minutes she was gone. She was fine. She called me the last 5 minutes to say she was on the way and had a great time with our chihuahua, Jasmine.

Her homework revealed that she is letting her school work slip and not completing home work assignments. Thank goodness her reading teacher sent a note home early on.

E - I almost forgot to include how E's part of the day was! He and I did some errons this AM. We stopped by the mall for lunch, it was really fun with just the two of us. A man commented on how talk-a-tive E is and "he must have said Mama 400 times." :-) Then we walked down to the pet shop and looked at the puppies. We went to the play area and something occurred to me. E never plays with other kids with out the buffer of his sibling pack. He was shy and stuck right with me. Once he moved a few feet away to play on the equipment he would run back for a reassurance hug every few minutes. So it was neat and I got to see that he needs more chances to blossom away from the sibs.

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