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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday 10-27-08

Sunday was not good for M. The dose of her recent med change is too high. She was vomiting on Sunday morning and we were on the phone to her Psychiatrist 3 or 4 times. It is frightening to see your child adversely affected by a med.

She raged twice yesterday and both times were really severe. Biting herself and us, using anything she could get her hands on to harm others, peeing all over her floor, displaying inappropriate behavior, just absolutely psychotic. Her Psychiatrist is referring to these as "emotional seizures." She is completely out of her head during these moments and does not remember the details of what happened clearly. It is heart breaking to see her in that kind of state of mind. I talk with her through out the episode because it lets her know I'm there and trying to help. She will tell me "shut-up" "stop talking you poopy head". I always stay neutral, I'm a poopy head at this moment, these are the facts and I get it. I said "so you don't want Mommy to talk to you at all right now?" "Yes I dooooooooooo! Just shut up you poooooooopy head." "Okay, got it sweety."

When she wasn't raging she slept a lot. Which gave the adults time to focus on the other kids. The weather was beautiful. Dad cut the grass and E helped with his little fisher price toy mower. The boys had WWF pee-wee style on the trampoline which was a lot of fun. V got to go to a football party at some friends house (she was invited but we weren't). hum? No offense taken, I would not invite this group to my house either if I didn't live with them. But V had a really great time with her friend Isabelle. These two were separated at birth I think, a couple of jokers and both are such sweet hearted girls.

Monday - This morning M was doing much better and able to go to school. She was irritable but was able to keep it in check and then lightened up when V got involved with her. They had their hair done alike and both wore their denim jackets because it was a little chilly. C struggled to get up. He has trouble turning his mind off and sleeping at night and then has trouble waking in the morning. Kind of like his Mom.

E has been working on potty training this morning. He had lots to say about what he was going to wear today. He ended up with socks up to his knees, Thomas the Tank shoes, underwear, and a T-shirt. We are only at home this morning so it is okay. Who knows what the afternoon will bring.

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jessica bear said...

I love your quotes, Dawn! Do you find them or is it a "gadget"?

I'm so sorry to hear about poor M...and poor, "poopy-head" you ;) I wish we lived closer. We think about you guys all the time. Send our love to Linda and the kids...