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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday 10-25-08

I am nearly asleep already because I had to take Benadryl for my itchy nose. It is allergy related but geeze I drive myself nuts with the constant itching. So anyway I am fading fast.

Poor M started out with a major rage early on this morning. She got so angry that she pee'd on her floor and informed Dad as she was making the pee that she was not going to be cleaning that up either! The pee pee thing is new, she has only done it a few times. She also bit her own arm badly. You can see each one of her teeth with that bruise. So sad, it just breaks my heart. She had refused to take her meds all morning but after the rage I was able to convince her to go ahead and take them. We give her a small cup of Coke and a few chocolate chips as encouragement.

She never raged again after that one but was hyper, impulsive, and very emotional -at least in spurts. We went to a local park and the kids had a blast. M got very gory in her play (talk only). So we needed to re-direct that often. But she followed the direction and left the park with out a tantrum. Bath time is usually a struggle for her, she just doesn't want to have to. But I work with and ease her into the idea and set up rewards such as a sticker on their chart or a sucker or something if she can get through it with out getting angry. She did it.

Both boys gave us a really hard time going to bed. I think we are just not hard core with them enough. We are supposed to put them in their bed following their bedtime routine and come out of the room and replace them in the room if they come out. At some point they will accept these are the facts and this is how it goes from now on. We are not there yet, for sure.

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