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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday 10-13-2008

Monday was less than desirable as days go. V had been sick with a cold over the weekend and it seemed that things had progressed to a point where she needed to see the doctor. She stayed in from school.

Nanny who is usually a big help with the morning routine had to go into work early so we were one helper down, never good. M had a fairly good morning and for a child who has both RAD and Bipolar that's darn near perfect. C was on rocky ground and wanted to stay home with Mom but none the less was moving forward. E decided to be 2 and that never helps either.

Dad was going to take C and M (our Kindergartners) to school. M who had been doing well had a mood swing on the way out to the van and lost it. MAJOR Rage a Roo with hitting, spitting, biting, screaming, the works. So 1 hour later Dad was finally able to get them both to school with a note explaining why they had to be late. Always nice.

Because of M's psychotic episode her Psychiatrist had advised to give her an additional dose of one of her meds. The med usually knocks her out in 2 hours. So by 11 am the teacher was calling me to come and get M who was sleeping on the floor in Kindergarten. The reason that I went ahead and sent M to school was these disorders of hers lead to a lot of missed school. Some days she just can't get it together enough to go. If she makes it through the day until 11:15 she gets counted for the whole day. We were shooting for 11:15 and made it.

I had a fun morning of continuing my efforts to get in home help for M through Children's Home Society. M likely qualifies for these services and so I have been advocating for them, but it is slow going. Much of what she needs the insurance won't cover and we don't have the resources to pay out of pocket. Mean while this child and her family struggle because of lacking help with her significant issues.

So I had M home and V home and E is always home with Mom. M stayed asleep until 2pm, time to pick up C from school. I got both girls out to the van and then picked up E who was still taking his nap. E decided to be 2 and REFUSED to get in the car seat. Frankly he was having his own psychotic episode. 20 minutes later I had to call the school and have them send C (who has Asperger's and does not like change) from the Kindergarten pick up area to the back of the school to wait with his pre-school teacher from last year. I knew she would take care of him.

I had a total Mommy Melt Down in the drive way. I was sobbing and look ridiculous. The 3 kids were starring at me like what's going on here. We got out of the van and went in the house where my crying continued for a few minutes. I called Super Dad who drive like the wind from 20 miles away and got our boy from school.

So far this was a really lousy Monday and it wasn't over yet. Dad came home with C and V and I had to head out to her 4pm doctor appointment for the cold. We recently got new insurance and so as Monday Fate would have it ... more problems. I got to the doctor office and realise that our doctor was not the PCP listed on the card. Long story short there was not enough time to change the doctor and so she could not be seen that day. I held it together, no more melting. V and I drove to the Urgent care where we found that she could not be seen either. That is too long to go into but that was the end result. As of yet V has not been to the doctor and we are hoping she can kick this on her own while taking the over the counter cold meds.

Super Dad took care of dinner for us. He asked me to order pizza. So we fed, tubed and scrubbed kids and then sent them off to bed.

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