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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday 10-14-08

The day was smoother than Monday for sure.

The morning went as well as they do with V and C making it to school sort of on time. M had an appointment for a blood draw to check one of her meds level in the blood. She did very well with the blood draw this time and Dad and I were really proud. We went for a Slurpee afterward and M was happy with that. She arrived at school at 10:15, just in time for Kindergarten lunch.

A friend stopped by and we had a chat. She is a great friend and is the Mom to 4 herself. Her youngest child is about 6 months younger than M. She is aware of danger issues toward other children with M and handles it well. So she invited M to come over for a few hours after school. What a blessing!

It allowed me to take the other 3 kids for some Mom time at the Library, C's favorite place. We stayed there till 4 pm and then came home where I got started on dinner and V got started on homework. M arrived home promptly at 5 pm. She was in a good mood, ate dinner well and went for her bubble bath with no issue - remarkable. We even got her hair washed.

Her psychiatrist called and said that her med level was a little low according to the blood work. He prescribed a higher dose, which began last night. This morning M was in a great mood. She was pleasant and cooperative. On these rare occasions I find my mind saying "Who is this?" and "I hope she stays."

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