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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday 10-18-08

Yuck! Was not a good day for M which means it was not a good day for the rest of the family. Major opposition and defiance right from the get go about any and everything which lead into her losing it and raging. I called a friend who agreed to come and take M to the store with her for a change in environment, which sometimes helps M shift moods.

The friend recognized that M was struggling to keep it together behavior wise, but she did it. Their family decided to keep her with them a little longer than planned because they felt we needed the break. Bingo.

She returned home and the raging began with in 30 minutes over nothing, can't recall the actual nothing. Called the Psychiatrist at home. We discussed that the med change was not helping and seemed to be making her worse. He is backing that med dose down to see if a smaller amount works better. We are going to make an appointment this week to see him face to face.

Sunday: We met with our elders today again regarding M and the dire situation at home. It is so bad for the other kids, not to mention the adults. We are going to try to get respite in the form of volunteers that can take M on Saturdays. This will give us one day a week to focus on the other kids and normal family activity.

Everything was a big emotional deal for M today. She stubbed her toe and you would have thought it was a near amputation. I called the Psychiatrist yet again, poor man. We made the decision to give her a dose of her anti psychotic to help her. She can take it twice a day but normally takes it only once a day.

V got to go off with her friend and their family tonight to the roller skating rink. Really nice! She has been wanting to go for a while. I hope she has a blast!

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