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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday 10-17-08

Thursday cont.: Well the afternoon turned into a mess with M. V has chorus after school on Thursday and so I take the other children to the park to play until time to pick V up. Another Kindergartner from the kids school was there and M played really nicely with her. C was a little left out but did okay all and all.

When we got in the van to leave M said "I want a Slurpee!" This is an issue lately. Always something. Sometimes we are able to go for a Slurpee and we had been the day before but we can't go every time Miss M demands it. I worked hard to bring her mood up and redirect her when we returned home but it was inevitable and so RAGE #2 for the day. It was worse than the morning rage. She finally calmed down and I got a few bites of dinner in her before she fell asleep. She had worn herself out. She slept from 5 pm to 6:15 am this morning.

Friday: The morning was great. Nan had the day off because she works Saturday this weekend. We took care of errands and then had some lunch. We picked the kids up from school. The afternoon was touchy but with Nan at home I could stay focused on M and we made it through with out a rage today, hooray!

M had her typical 4 pm loony tone behavior. She seems to either be hyper happy or raging at that time. Today was hyper happy.

The kids made cookies with Nan and we got through that with out too many issues. C had trouble going to sleep as usual but was asleep by 9pm. And so now I am finishing out the day with a little one on one time with V watching our rented movie.

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