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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday 10-21-08

Who knows what this afternoon will bring in loo loo land. This morning was no prize. M was not going to go to school, not going to have her hair done, etc. V took a nose dive emotionally. Was not happy with her hair.

We are trying a new arrangement to prevent fights in the morning on the way to school. Each Kindergartner gets to ride up front on alternating weeks. This week is C's turn. M was refusing to walk out the door and into the car. V felt like since M was not riding and therefore there would be no Kindergartner fights she should get to ride in the front seat. Nope sorry it is C's turn. Big crying upsets. Dad pulled out of the drive way with only C getting to school on time.

I had to e-mail M and V's teachers to explain why they are repeatedly late. Not good. So we will be handing out consequences in the form of loss of privilege this afternoon which will go over like a led balloon. C will be getting rewarded for his good behavior this morning.

Thanks to my friend Jessica for the picture of the turtle. Doesn't he just kind of sum it up?

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jessica bear said...

Yes - I love that turtle pic!! He sums it all up quite well for us moms...