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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday 10-21-08 cont.

Well this afternoon was interesting. The weather was so nice that I took all of the kids to the park after school. V had a full on tantrum at the park in front of on lookers. She was snapping at C and so I called her on it and said if she continued she would have to sit out for 5 minutes. She did not heed the warning and shoved him right in the back. Sorry, you earned a time out my friend. My 9 year old was kicking mulch at me and crying and screaming. Just lovely.

She is usually tired when she starts deteriorating emotionally like this so the appropriate consequence seemed to be going to bed 30 minutes early.

M actually had a decent afternoon. All of the usual upsets and struggles but she exhibited better control. I am hoping that her med adjustment is on track and is the reason for the improvement. Oddly enough she some trouble at school and had a note sent home for "using her hands for hurting" when she hit another student. She does not usually have problem behavior at school but from what we understand it is the nature of bipolar disorder that the kids begin to lose the control they once had as the disease progresses. Too soon to panic but if her little mind turns over to displaying the behavior at school that she does at home, they won't let her stay. Here's hoping this does not happen.

E was his usual happy little self with tons of smiles and kisses. He is such a sweetheart! What a gift that child is.

C had some struggles this afternoon behavior wise and was really picking at M. Nan came home early and that was a huge help. She did a great job of redirecting everyone and so we had no major melt downs!

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