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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday 10-29-08

The morning went okay and they all got to school on time. M woke up grumpy and demanding but Nan directed her back to bed to "warm up" since we are having a cold snap here in FL. She agreed to that and when she did get up for good she was in a better and less demanding frame of mind. V and C are always slow in the morning and some what grumpy but they got dressed and did okay.

M was very touchy this afternoon and at about 3:30 she started jumping off the furniture with the hysterical wild laugh. That is my Q to do something to redirect. I said "Okay we are heading outside. Come on guys!" She ran and chased and fought and cried but never raged. C went bad though with total defiance.

I commented to Dad that it is interesting that M seems to relax when someone else is acting up. Her therapist had explained something to me a while back. She said that kids from these kinds of backgrounds sometimes are most comfortable when "things are stirred up." She said it has to do with their brain becoming used to stress hormones and when the stress hormones are not present that feels abnormal to them. Very odd.

M's psychiatrist made a med change as of today. She is now on 2 anti psychotic meds, a older 1st generation and a new 4th generation. The Social Worker who's office M pee'd in yesterday called me twice today. He is pressuring the other agency for funding approval for the behavioral analyst. He said if he can't get an answer from them by Friday he will approach his supervisor and ask for the funding from their agency itself because of the "urgent need." So it seems M did herself a favor by blowing lose there with Mr. Peter. Way to go! We are finally on our way to needed services.

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