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Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday 10-30-08 Gotcha day

Today is Carter's 5 year anniversary gotcha day! 5 years ago Dad and I were traveling through the mountains of Russia to get our boy out of the baby jail. Hard to believe he is 6 years old.

Well ... on to the daily journal. Wish it could be all positive on such a special day but then it wouldn't really be loo-loo land. E and I had a good lazy day together. We were having a bit of a cold snap still and since he is 2 and at the age where he doesn't always want all his clothes on he opted to put Sponge Bob on in his room and crawl in bed under the covers. What a cool kid!

M had a good morning and was very pleasant and cooperative. V and C did okay after early morning grumps. Everyone got to school on time. This afternoon is V's chorus practice and so I take the other 3 kids to the park while we wait. Unfortunately a routine we will have to change. Miss M is consistently blowing lose at the park and then refusing to get in the car seat. I have to pick V up at 3:30 so I don't have all the time I need to let the fit play out.

I called for back up but neither Nan or Dad could leave the job. Called my friend who will help during a rage and could not get her at home. So I had Vivian go and get C's pre-school teacher who has special training for such behavior. She came to help. The teacher for the autistic kids is a BIG lady and she came and offered to put M in her seat. I said well we could do that but I can't keep her there once you put her in and then I will have to deal with her on my own with the other kids. We all decided that won't work. C's teacher from last year offered for me to walk away and let her deal with M. I said "okay." M spent a while yelling "I want Mommy." But she calmed down after that and let Mrs. Jennifer work with her. She got in the seat and then we headed home.

She fell asleep in the car and when we got home was in a very down mood. Understandable after all that but she will just as easily seem totally unaffected by the whole experience. She also cut her clothes at school. The teacher did not notice.

M and I had some time together while I made dinner and I asked her "so what were you feeling when you cut your clothes?" She said "angry." I asked why was she angry and she said she didn't know. I said were you just getting some big feelings and you didn't know why? And she said yes. I suggested she could tell the teacher that she needed help with her big feelings instead of cutting her clothes and she said she would be embarrassed to. I said okay and left it at that.

The child study team is getting together regarding M and the physician sheet that her Psychiatrist filled out. It explains that she needs to be seated near the teacher but they aren't doing that as yet. When the head of the child study team spoke with M's teacher she said she did not see a need in the classroom at this time for intervention although she had experienced M's rages on 2 different occasions, but not during class. We are all very grateful that M is able to keep it together right now in class but the fact that she got into an altercation last week with another student and has cut her clothes with sissors in class 3 different times in the last month indicates to me that we all may need to be prepared for a time when M may not be able to hold it together in class.

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