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Monday, December 1, 2008


Well as we thought is might be the 4 day break from the normal routine proved challenging. M was very teary Saturday and Sunday started the morning out with a 7:30 am rage. She just went right to red zone about a video tape that she wanted to watch. No one said she could not watch it but Carter wanted to watch something else and so instead of letting us work it out she just went right to rage. It lasted between 45 minutes to an hour. Nan has bite marks and bruises on her arms and legs. I called the behavior analyst but did not get him. He called back later and said he would get the details when he comes Tuesday.

I gave M an additional dose of the med that we are supposed to give in these situations. She ended up taking a nap before lunch for about an hour. She did not rage anymore. We talked about the situation after the rage and what she could have done different. She lost computer time for the day and the video she had wanted to watch. Maybe the behavior guy can give us direction on consequences. That actually seems pretty lame being that if an adult had done what she did it is considered assault and they could be arrested. Nan wore long sleeves today to cover up her bruises. What else can we call that but being abused?

M's mind was racing all day, she had really pressured speech where she just talks for no reason and ask obvious questions (anxiety), she was biting her nails none stop and pulling at her hair, she panicked about everything but worked to hold it together and allowed us to help her the rest of the day with out going into red zone. So that was very good and we kept praising her efforts and asking her if she felt proud that she was making good choices? She kept giving thumbs up. She had a lot of trouble going to sleep because of her racing mind. But she woke up in a good mood this morning and made good choices and was cooperative. Hopefully this down cycle is passing. I will talk to the doctor today.

C had his own share of issues yesterday and lost computer as well. He then got it together and did better. He struggled this morning. It took 40 minutes to get him out of bed. He had gone to bed at regular time and seemed to sleep well. He had a major tantrum and so lost computer again today. He said that was "a darn shame" on Dad. Some of this stuff gets to be funny. They were all late to school because of Mr. C.

V did great over the break and really seemed to benefit from the down time from school. That made me feel good. She had a great morning and was very cooperative.

E has been heading to time out in "cool down corner" a bit lately. He is so darn cute. He was sitting in cool down corner singing the theme to sponge bob. It is really hard to keep a straight face!

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