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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 11-28-08

Thursday was interesting. M took a down turn on Tuesday. She has been struggling but doing better than usual. Before the Abilify this down cycle would have been unbearable. It is very difficult and she takes a lot of focus and demands a lot of attention but it is workable. She has great difficulty just being. Her brain is on high alert and it is taking hours right now for her meds to help her relax and fall asleep. Even when she plays computer games she is at lightning speed and nothing goes fast enough for her. The odd part of it is that this description makes me think of a hyper active kid but it is her brain that is hyper not so much her body. Although she is having the hyper spurts around 4 pm.

The interesting part about the rage is that it was a full on rage with her physically attacking the family and screaming terrible things. Before the med she could not make her way back from that until really she had exhausted herself. Sometimes it took 45 minutes other times 3 or 4 hours. But now even though it was a full on rage she was able to allow me to help her come back to reality with in about 5 minutes. That was one thing the Psychiatrist said in our last session. That the med can help to eliminate the rages but when they do happen they should be much shorter.

My Grandparents came to visit yesterday. M had already raged about an hour before they arrived and 15 minutes before they arrived C blew lose. Dad ended up taking him for a ride in the car to settle down. He was very very hyper and having trouble controlling his behavior.

V had an upset outside about something and then refused to come to the table to eat. So we are all sitting there with Dad in the living room trying to get V to cooperate. Memories! She did make it to the table and worked hard to pull it together and eventually was back to her self. E refused to eat and then ate put spit on the floor. Meanwhile I am running around like a waitress/nanny. Good times Good times.

All and all for their ages and issues it went okay. No one raged in front of the visitors. They did not fight too terribly bad. And we had my grandfathers home made strawberry pie for dessert.

Well this is day 2 of the break from school. I am not sure that M can tolerate a full 4 days of us but we will try. The kids get to go to a character party Saturday. E is going to wear his dinosaur costume that someone gave him. He is the cutest green dinosaur ever! I think C is going to be spider man and I know I know M is going to be a Princess cause she is all about dress up and wands. V will likely be a Princess or veterinarian.

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