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Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had the child study team meeting at the school today regarding Miss M. It was a really positive and pleasant experience. They were very supportive and were pleased with the Psychiatrist as well as the Behavior Analyst that is working with M and our family. They knew them both and said that the interventions we have in place are right on and that "Mom has done her homework." That was nice to hear. So many times we walk away from something like that feeling like we made the impression that we are complete boobs. They are fully aware of M's behaviors and are prepared for the time when she feels comfortable enough to unleash those actions at school. They said they have other students with these diagnosis and often by 3rd grade they start acting out.

We hope that won't be the case and that M will continue to improve with the help of the meds which are doing such a fabulous job of stabilizing her. She has thumbs up more often than not and smiley face pictures instead of the head being on one side of the drawing and not on the body. We would never be sure which one of us was headless but it was never a warm and fuzzy feeling.

At any rate we are comfortable that the school is fully aware of the danger issues and so we did the responsible thing.

We are working with Miss V as she has been having some effort and attention issues at school and with homework. She has lost TV privilege for the time being and we have met with her teachers. I really don't think she is being a slacker but she is not putting forth enough effort given her own personal attention issues. She has got to write her assignments and test schedule down or she is going to forget. So that's what we are working on.

She had a very good attitude tonight about the whole thing and accepted her lose of TV with no problems. Such a good kid!

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