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Saturday, December 6, 2008


This link is very helpful. I have also listed it in my helpful links. You get to go in and create chore and behavior charts for your kids. The kids can go on and mark what they did for the day and then you the parent can go in and rate how well they did and assign points. The points add up to rewards on the computer system such as buying clothes for their little syber pet that is part of the system.

The head of the child study team meeting let me know about about this site during our meeting since we already have behavior charts in place and all our kids like to use the computer. They seem more excited to be able to go on the computer and mark their accomplishments as opposed to simply earning a sticker and having 10 stickers earn a reward. Anyway I thought I would pass this on to our readers.

When I started this blog it's purpose was to be a journal for me to track our daily life and in tern use that with the professionals who help us as well as just getting my thoughts together. It does serve that original purpose for sure but I am finding more and more people telling me how much they enjoy keeping up with our family via the blog.

The counselor that has been assigned to our family is coming Sunday. She is with Kids Peace. She just got the referral for M on Friday and is contracted to call us with in 24 hours and meet with us with in 48 hours. She sounded a little irritated about all that as she explained it and made sure to tell me we would be filling out gobs of paperwork and she would not be getting "the story" just yet. Not a problem, I said. She seemed to lighten up as the conversation went on. Poor lady is no doubt used to dealing with some characters. We will save that portion of the evening for when she is here in person. :-)

M is back on track and doing great! Nan had left M's meds in the car and so they were exposed to temps that in reading the product info I realized they are not supposed to be exposed to those temps of hot and cold. Anyway, we are wondering if that effected the meds abilities or if M simply had a down mood cycle. That may be more clear later if and when she has another down cycle. Needless to say the meds are not being left in the car anymore. These things are so expensive and for the dosing of one med I have to cut the pill 2 different times. Her doctor said "and you don't mind doing that?" I did not say the first thing that came to mind as it would not be polite but I did assure him that we are willing to do whatever needs to be done to get this child help. Cutting a pill twice certainly is no biggy. But I make everyone clear out of the kitchen while I do pill surgery because sure enough somebody will come in at the speed of light and knock into me and then we have a $30 pill missing in action. Yes that is $30 per pill.

In fact M is being referred to a program for medically needy children because of the cost of the meds she is on. So we will see how that all works out.

For the Mom report my back is acting up, lovely. I am taking pain pills and trying to stay low key so it doesn't get worse. I also have this persistent pain in my side that is really starting to become a problem. I feels like the kidney stone pain that I had but not as intense. I would go see my doctor but our insurance company no longer participates with the organization she is with. It is really upsetting because I am very attached to my doctor. I had a doctor before we moved to this state who I was very attached to also. It was a consideration when we moved. Would I ever be able to replace her and the relationship we had. It is important to have a doctor who knows all your business and listens to you and frankly now a days it's hard to find. But when we moved to this state we just happened to find our doctor and she is wonderful and considers herself a friend of the family. So in the 15 (in January) years we have been married I have had 2 doctors who have both been wonderful. Now I am currently with out doctor and a little lost as to what to do about this pain in my side. I find that with all that goes on with the kids and their needs when it comes to my needs my brain kind of goes "no time, move on".

Then I thought what if I end up in the hospital or something? Let's think on that ... a bed with my own TV, I V pain meds, people cooking for me, the most I have to do in a day is take a shower??? Doesn't sound so bad. Maybe this is why that Duggar lady in Arkansas keeps having all those babies? It is her once a year vacation hospital stay.

Any who ... M and C are going along with their little I love you ritual. M doesn't seem to mind it so much anymore and C will put up some resistance but then I threaten lose of computer and so the I love you begins. I told Nan they don't have to mean it they just have to do it. I am reprogramming them. If they say it enough it will become their truth.

E did something kind of odd and yet funny. We are still working on the tile floors. I won't even go there. There were 2 tiles that had to pulled up and that was an all day project in itself. But Dad has not been able to replace them yet so there is just cement in the tiles spot. Now I have to think that what E did must be hard wired in his brain from his beginning life in Guatemala where things are a bit different. E is still potty training and it's going along normally with a few steps forward and a few steps back. I see E take his pull up off and walk over to the cement spot and proceed to whiz right there in the living room. As if this is common practice and the way things are done. I go "what are you doing?!!" To which E says "I did it! Potty potty!" And the potty dance began. I explained that no this is a mess and he helped clean up. Well this event happened a few more times until it was clearly becoming a problem. So, what to do? I put the potty on the cement spot and everyone is happy. E is perfectly content to potty over there on the spot in the potty chair and no more puddles. Thank goodness we don't have carpet in there anymore!

V did a great job writing everything down in her planner from school on Friday. Hopefully we are on our way to positive changes in that department.


jessica bear said...

That was hilarious (I'm sure not for you at the moment) about peeing in the empty tile spot! And he was so proud, Mom! He sounds like fun...we need to get together sometime soon-we're having Smithson withdrawls! :)

jessica bear said...

Oh, we did do the handipoints for a while-last year, I think...but like everything else we fell by the wayside. Serena loved it, but I don't think Kylie quite "got" it. She seems to respond (slightly) better to actually seeing the checks on the chart each week. But it was a good site...