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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Last night went well. C had a little trouble going to sleep but we got there. E is getting kind of difficult to get to sleep at night. I'll have to think on that later.

M struggled this morning. She did not want to wake up and then she did not want to have her hair done. Nan said okay we can skip it. She did not want to skip it. Nan said we can wait until you get to school and have your teacher help. That was not what she wanted either. At that point M was pretty frustrated and started hitting and biting Nan. Nan and I worked with M for about 15 minutes before she was able to calm down.

Our behavior guy Oscar mentioned giving M a directive to focus on like count to 10. I knew there was no way she was going to make it to 10 so I instructed her to count to 5. At first she was simply angry and then she wanted "someone to count for me". But with in a few minutes she started counting. At first she had trouble holding her thought and she made it to 3 and then the anger took over. She made it to 4 and then she made it to 5. We were immediately able to praise her for being strong enough to help herself calm down. It was interesting because focusing on that task helped her to reconnect with reality. Who'd a thought?

After that she was able to move through the morning and get off to school.

We started a behavior chart for both C and M to connect home and school. I don't think M likes the two being connected. I report in on the chart to the teacher who dishes out the reward/consequence. Since they both behave better for their teachers ...

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