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Monday, December 8, 2008


M had a mild tantrum Sunday AM about the same thing, a video and then C comes in and wants to watch something else. No one agreed with C but M just did not want him disagreeing with her choice at that moment. She settled with in 5 minutes or so.

We met with our therapist yesterday, Susan. She is going to be coming on Sundays for right now. She lives close by and will come during a rage. She took the whole history. Like everyone else she knows and respects M's Psychiatrist. She agrees with the Bipolar diagnosis and felt that we have made huge progress with M's RAD diagnosis. She has tons of experience with children with M's issues and also has spent the past year working exclusively with Asperger's patients so she was very interested in C's issues. She definitely seems like the right person for our situation. She was very supportive and said that she was amazed by our parenting skills. That was really nice to hear.

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jessica bear said...

It's gotta be an awesome feeling when "professionals" comment how how great of a parent you are! That's some great validation for all the effort you put forth! But of course, I have always known how amazing you guys are :)