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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue Spring Park

Today the loo-loo's went to blue spring park. You can check it out here The park that is, not our day there. Perhaps check the evening news for that update. Ha Ha a little joke.

It just seems to be a given that one of the 4 kids will be a toot on any given outing. This should be listed in the top 5 reasons people choose to only have 1 child. We got that memo a little late, obviously. Not that we would change a thing.

Today the kid that people did "the stare" at was Mr. C. He was full on Asperger's today and spending the day out and about with nature was not fitting into his whole sensory over load issues. But we worked with it and handled it. Yes we experienced most of nature with the ping ding sing of the leapster didj. And true we cleared folks off the path at record speed but we made some memories and had some fun.

Mr. C was struggling behavior wise and being able to focus on the didj and ride in the jogger helped him and all of us. Our runner Miss M was up and down the path with great speed and then she splatted on the deck. No major injuries, a slight freak out on her part and we moved forward.

V decided to have a tween day with lots of arms crossed and poopy faces and snapping like a turtle at the younger kids and rolling her eyes at the adults and not wanting to get in the group photo and so forth. Doing a little eye roll of my own at the minute. I honestly thought we had a few years before the hormonal influenced hysterics set in but apparently not. As she will be 10 in May I have been informed that she is right on target.

But the little charmer of the group, Mr. E was fantastic as always. We started using the Elmo harness a few weeks ago because he is a busy toddler and does not want to ride in the stroller and does not want to be slowed down with hand holding. The harness is great fun for him since our kids all pretend to be dogs half the time anyway. His happy little face trotting along the trail was so fun. He never griped one time the whole day, went with the flow, and was a complete joy. A lady approached us at dinner and commented on how well behaved he was and how well he fed himself. We thanked her and agreed that he is just a very special kid. Out of all 4 of the kids the 2 year old was the least trouble. The little dude even pee'd in the public potty and then sang "I did it, I did it" and did his "did it" dance.

Miss M did very well over all. She got a little clunky as we were leaving the park. It was running into her trouble time of the day where she is a little tired, hungry, etc. and it is time for her meds. She took her meds well even on the go but then refused to take her cough med. Held the thing until it dissolved in her hand. I said fine and took the pill back and instructed everyone to buckle up. I sat in my seat and prayed for wisdom and how best to deal with the situation because in all honesty this is where I run into "pushing my buttons". So as I prayed and thought I remember what the CBA Oscar had been working with M on just last week. That there are things that it is okay to say no thank you to and they discussed what those were. Then there are things that it is not okay to say no to when a grown up tells you to do it. Taking your much needed meds is at the top of the list. So when we stopped for dinner a few minutes later I spoke to M and the group and asked if they remembered what Oscar had talked to them about last week. They did. Then I brought up the med situation and asked M was saying no to medicine that she needed for her cold okay? She said no. I said that was correct and that she could choose to take the pill or she could choose something from the restaurant to mix the pill into and eat it that way. Did not matter to Mom, her choice, but she was going to take the medicine. She started mentioning things that she might want to mix the pill in with. I said good and fine. And then asked her if she thought she should apologize to Mom for not being a good listener when Mom tried to help her. She gave a very nice apology. So I think it went well.

It is a totally different seen than what we experienced before Abilify. She would have been angry about not wanting to take the darn pill right from the get go and she would have raged on in the car for who knows how long. Amazing!

Well stay tuned for tomorrows post about the funny quicky mart situation. I'm too tired tonight.

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jessica bear said...

You never cease to amaze me, supermom! Even though you know how things may be, you still venture out to experience new things...they will so appreciate all your (mental health) sacrifices (we hope, anyway, right?) I miss you!!