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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Zoo

Did I talk about the zoo in my previous post? Well here I go.

We found that our LARGE family can get 1 year passes to the zoo for the price of going less than twice. All of our kids love animals and the zoo and with M being more stable on her meds we are starting to try normal activities once again.

It was chilly here in FL this past Saturday but we had fun anyway. The little critters at the zoo were rolled in to little balls to try to stay warm. They had their fluffy tails blanketed over top of them or their beaks tucked under their wings. It was really cute and of course I had a real desire to put blankets on them.

Speaking of which M was wrapped up like an Eskimo off and on. She would get in the baby jogger and wrap up and then get out again. She did very well with the outing. It was 60 degrees but for us that is cold.

The zoo has a really neat area for kids. It is set up like a vet hospital. There are little vet jackets for the kids to wear and equipment to use. The stuffed animals with parts that you can do surgery to remove take a little getting used to but whatever the kids enjoyed it. There is also a indoor sand pit in there that is pretty big. E had a blast in there! Of course we kept getting the evil eye from the attendant because he likes to through sand. Oops! There were real snakes and frogs and stuff to look at and we even had the chance to hold/touch the snake. V and E did it. M said no way! And C was very uninterested.

We fed the birds, which was interesting. For some reason they swarmed me like the bird lady in Mary Poppins. One of the little suckers got on my shoulder and squawked right in my ear because 2 other birds were already drinking from the tiny little cup I was holding. M was afraid of the birds but was able to let us help her through it with out a big over reaction on her part.

The Giraffes were great as always and there were these little baby pigs from Africa too. The parent pigs were NOT attractive. They were covered with this spiky hair. But the babies were cute.
The day was really nice and really a long time coming. Dad said to me the other day, "I really would like to thank the people who came up with Abilify." Amen!

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jessica bear said...

Aaaw...sounds like a great day! But I tell you what, you would have had to give me something to calm down if all those birds would have swarmed me!! EEEk! Those things FREAK ME OUT! hahaha