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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flu Boo-Hoo

Yuck I have the stomach flu!

Carter is not behaving what so ever. I had gone to bed with the flu last night and left Nan and Dad to the routine. That went over like a led balloon. Carter had a total melt down. Refused to go to bed. Refused to put on his night night music. Wanted Mom to lay down with him. So I dragged my sick self in there and explained that I would be ready to lay down with him as soon as he cooperated and put his night night music on. I asked, "have you brushed teeth yet?" To which he answered no. I got the tooth brush and he fell in line with the routine of brushing teeth, putting on his cream and PJ's, picking out 2 stories to read, putting on night night music, laying down to read. He went out in a split second.

Evan crawled in bed and followed suit. When we sign up for Motherhood no one tells us, "By the way, Mom's don't get sick days."

Maylene was equally unhappy with having a sick Mommy. She cried and complained through bath and bed routine while Nan helped her. She did go on to sleep though. She and Carter both protested school this morning. She eventually got it in gear and moved forward. Carter was more difficult. Refused to get up, refused to get dressed, refused to get in the car to go to school. Lovely. Everyone did finally get out the door.

Jeremy is dealing with work van issues. He took it in for a problem yesterday. $400 later he picked it up only to break down today. Don't you just love those days?!

Evan is doing great and Vivian was the perfect child last night and this morning. She was helpful with Carter too. I guess we should be grateful that for the most part everyone staggers their melt downs and that they don't all go to pieces at the same time.

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